YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

Today’s article is all about YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face.

YouTube users view nearly a billion hours of video every day. Many people who want to expand their existing business or establish a new one turn to YouTube. However, there is one element that stops new YouTubers in their tracks. This ultimate creator killer maintains most individuals as YouTube consumers rather than producers: The fear of showing their face and being on camera.

There is good news. The purpose of this article is to kick out the fear in you and share with you some amazing YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face.

This article will show you how to make money on YouTube and provides several YouTube Video Ideas Without Showing Your Face or being on camera. As a YouTuber who isn’t gifted with Brad Pitt’s locks, I encourage you to fight through your worries. The beauty of YouTube is that there is room for everyone, especially if you have good content.

The best YouTube channel ideas without showing your face, the software you can use to grow a faceless YouTube channel. Examples of big earning YouTube channels that don’t show their face. And an additional way of making money through your YouTube channel, whether you show your face or you don’t.

YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

1. Craft

YouTube videos by 5-Minute Crafts are compilations of videos. Most of the videos on the channel are how-to videos about crafts and life hacks, with science experiments videos are also thrown in occasionally.

In the How-to section of YouTube, the five-minute craft is a monster of a channel. There are 72.4 million subscribers on the five-minute craft channel, there are a ton of different style videos, but most, if not all, don’t show their faces. So they were fortunate in popular uploads because that one alone received approximately 300 million views.

craft image onlinemoney360

5-minute crafts is one of the third biggest YouTube channels in the US. And it’s the first in the how-to rank, this channel estimated yearly earning is about $468.9K – $7.5 million and this is just from display ads.

The most popular video is 42 holy grail hacks that will save you a fortune. This video alone has over 282 million views.

Just like other ideas that will be shared in this article, you don’t need to show your face, but you can film your hands. The key here is to create enticing titles so that people click on them and good thumbnails that make people curious. The combination of these two things and good quality content equals a winning formula.

There are other craft channels too. In fact, there’s quite a lot of craft channels that are very good.

And whatever it is that your niche is around at any particular craft, you just record your hands doing it and then do some clever editing at the end. Youtube is the best place to earn money that’s why we want to share with you this article which describes: 7 Ideas On How To Make Money On YouTube 2021. Read it!

2. Product Review

Product reviews are an important video topic that falls under faceless video production. Before you begin showing the product’s composition you want to discuss and talk about, write a script.

You can write a review for any product you have around the house or any new thing you buy. You only need to videotape the product in question and give your feedback—no need to show your face. Film the product in action and discuss the features and benefits and various motivations for people to purchase. You’ll probably need a good camera and good lighting.

Then it’s just a matter of putting it all together in post-production. This is an excellent niche for you if you have a passion for a particular product or are highly entertaining. It’s possible that you’ll need to record your voice as well. You may, however, do all of this without showing your face.

Product reviews are straightforward and immensely useful. Adding good music and effects to the video can help boost the video’s appeal to the viewer.

3. Gaming

If there’s one faceless video format that has dominated the internet for the past decade, it’s gaming.
It may appear to be simple labor, but faceless game videos demand a lot of your time and effort.

You’ll have to sit down and go through hours of tape to pick the best clips, in addition to being brilliant at a game or amusing with your commentary.


It’s difficult labor, but it pays off handsomely as a faceless YouTube video concept.

What game do you excel at? Which networks have you noticed doing particularly well? Choose a niche, (strategic or arcade) and learn about videos that work well in that niche.

4. Top 10 Channel

Whether on Watchmojo or any other listing channel on YouTube, list videos are easily the most identifiable faceless videos.
These channels show images or videos of the many items on their lists, with a narrator giving a voiceover description of each.

Even though this is a very competitive, faceless field, creating a top 10 video is relatively simple.

Alux, for example, focuses on, you know, the most expensive watches in the world, what a top 10 richest families

YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

in the world and they get millions of views doing this. They use stock footage for the images, and then add in some pictures and then do a voiceover over it.

All you need is to do your research on topics and plan your channel now.

5. Cooking

Food recipes can be faceless and require a certain level of expertise. Making them isn’t difficult if you know what you are doing in the kitchen. It’s entirely up to you whether or not to use a voiceover. Make sure you are cooking meals that people are looking for and that your thumbnails are appealing.

YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

Cooking channels usually require volumes or a defined niche that users know to turn to for a particular type of cuisine or cooking style.

Consider videos about cooking tips and find your niche, whether that’s seasonal cooking, plant-based or vegan, cooking on a budget, weekly healthy meal prep, old favorites, or similar.

Do you have any favorite channels in this category already?

6. Motivation 

Motivation and mindset videos are seeing a boom on numerous platforms, including YouTube. They typically involve a photo montage or stock videos with a powerful voiceover narrating different details to the viewers. While the content for such faceless videos is easy to find and gather, making them compelling may be more difficult.

YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

To get your viewers to pay attention, you need to know what you are talking about. Learn how to develop a unique script that keeps the audience engaged yet as they keep listening.

An example of this channel is motivation madness.

7. Unboxing

Unboxing videos are similar to product reviews, in that they require you to share something new or just purchased.

However, before you can use it or talk about it, you must first unbox it. It could be anything from a piece of apparel to an electronic device or even digital software.

You may make the videos more entertaining by using music effects and transitions. Unboxing and product reviews are two kinds of videos that the YouTube public enjoys since they are simple and faceless.

8. Meditation

Meditation videos are extremely popular on YouTube. In today’s hectic world, many people seek a moment of peace through mindfulness and meditation.

There are many different types of meditation videos accessible. Some people use relaxing music while others use a voice to guide them through the meditation.

You could make these videos using stock graphics and music, and you could even outsource the script and audio recording of guided mediation to freelancers on sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

9. Tutorial

Every day, millions of people search the internet for answers to the question, “How-To” When people have difficulty on how to solve a particular problem, it’s the first place they look for help.

Make use of your expertise to develop a how-to channel on a subject you know a lot about. You will find that there are a variety of fields in which you can teach others without having to show your face or being on camera.

10. Tv Show Review

This is another simple YouTube idea that anyone can start; all you have to do is review or remark on the most recent movies or television shows available on Netflix or other streaming platforms. Because of the popularity of the TV series, and because people are inquisitive about what to watch, this will receive a lot of views, especially today, in the midst of a pandemic.

There are a lot of people at home, as a result, more people are watching television. You might make suggestions for what to watch or simply share your opinion on it. Brain Pilot is one of the channels that achieves this. They simply provide TV show criticism or reviews without showing their face.

Brain Pilot channel combines clips from various TV episodes and overlays their VoiceOver.

YouTube does not remove the video since it falls within the category of fair use for commentary, review, and criticism. So you are free to create and upload this type of video on YouTube.

11. Whiteboard Animations

Whiteboard Animation is another YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face.

Various whiteboard animators or illustrators use a voiceover or basic text to communicate with their viewers and chat about a variety of topics in their animation videos, which are highly popular on YouTube.

The competition is fierce, but if you have the ability to impress, you may be able to attract attention. Consider Patty Galloway’s usage of a basic structure to rake in the views while providing excellent information.

Making Whiteboard Animation videos is now easier than ever, thanks to online software and a vast of freelancers waiting to take on your project.

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Best Tools To Grow Your YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

#1. VidiQ

VidiQ is powerful too useful for getting all of your SEO and keyword research for your YouTube videos.

And this is a useful tool for assisting you in ranking your videos. Also, if you want to see what other people are doing with keyword research, you can just go to their website and see what they are doing.

YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

#2. mixkit

Mixkit is a free video library that offers tens of thousands of stock video clips, music tracks, sound effects, and video templates.

mixkit review

We all know how difficult it is to find free stock music and free stock videos as video creators.
Mixkit has thought of everything for you, which is wonderful. If you go to the site, you may look at all of the free stock videos and music available and choose any templates that suit your project and download.

Envato, the business behind some of the world’s most successful marketplaces for creative products and creative people, brings you Mixkit.

#3. Picmaker

The world’s most user-friendly online graphic design software.

Picmaker is the right place to be if you are searching for free online graphic design software.

I know how difficult it is to generate thumbnails and designs, and I know how intimidating it may be to get the greatest result when you’re just starting out.


picmaker review

You’ll have all the templates that you can use to start creating some really cool thumbnails pretty much straight away, that’s going to help you save time. And also get some awesome-looking thumbnails that you can use to get a better click-through rate as well.

#4. Answer the public

Answer the public is a tool that can give you fantastic ideas on what video to make next. The hardest part of video creation is coming up with a title that people are searching for on YouTube.

This tool is going to help you do or give you the idea of what people are searching for and is only limited to three searches per day for free while it also has paid version. So you need to use the free version wisely.

#5. Fontjoy

Fontjoy is an amazing tool that you can use in conjunction with any thumbnail-creation site. Getting free fonts and finding different fonts is not easy, which is why fontjoy is super powerful.

The objective of font pairing is to select typefaces that share a common subject but differ in a pleasing fashion. This tool employs a neural network to handle this challenge, even though identifying which typefaces go well together is primarily a matter of intuition.

#6. Unscreen

Background-free video used to necessitate complex and time-consuming procedures such as chroma-key and greenscreens. You can record your footage anywhere and then remove the background with Unscreen.

Some YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face that is mentioned in this article:

5-minutes crafts



Other YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

Get health

My Home Remedies

Power Vision

Humor JNS


I feel that your unwillingness to show your face in your YouTube videos should not prevent you from becoming the next big YouTube sensation. So, I hope some of this list of  YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face will help you in starting your YouTube channel.

Please let me know which of the ideas interest you the most and if you find this article interesting, kindly share with friends and family and drop your comments below.

Thanks for reading.

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