Why Is Video Marketing Important

Why Is Video Marketing Important

The use of video marketing is a current trend and an important component of any company’s digital marketing strategy.

To increase the reach of your internet advertising initiatives, you must employ video to communicate!

By 2023 more than 90% of the traffic coming from the Internet will be videos.

It is not surprising that 81% of brands are already developing their strategies around the use of video, achieving great results.

In addition, video content is preferred by so many companies!

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Why Is Video Marketing Important

What presence does the video marketing strategy have within your inbound plan? If the answer is little or nothing, you need to know why video will be critical in the future of marketing.

Video marketing is growing in popularity among organizations, including entrepreneurs and small businesses.

According to a Renderforest Survey, videos have increased:

  • Brand awareness for businesses by 70%.
  • 51% more traffic
  • 34% more sales

Isn’t the outcome genuinely amazing?

Their ability to reasonably interact with clients and prospects on several platforms is the secret to their success.

Video marketing is growing in popularity among organizations, including entrepreneurs and small firms.

What Is Video Marketing?


A product or service is promoted and distributed through video marketing.

It helps enormously to increase the public’s engagement in the different digital and social channels.

But not only that, it also educates the audience and allows us to reach them more directly.

Users’ desire for immediate gratification has given these services with streaming or live video a new focus.

As demonstrated by Twitch or YouTube, video marketing is the present and the future of digital and strategic marketing.

Several types of Video Marketing can help you promote your company. However, I want to share with you 9 of the most effective.

Types Of Video Marketing

1. Tutorials Or Educational Video

That format has become famous through YouTube.

Whatever the subject, the probability of finding a “step-by-step” video on it is very high.

For companies, it is an excellent format to clarify the doubts of the public about the products and services offered.

The idea is simple: show it instead of telling what one has to do.

The attraction to the format is justified; in the end, the ease of a video explaining something cannot be compared, especially when we think of the endless and complicated texts of the instruction manuals.

Important detail: tutorials work perfectly to capture the attention of those who have entered the internet looking to know “how to do” something.

Therefore, they increase the probability that the brand will have a good result in search services.

2. Interviews Video

Answer: Which one has more credibility between a text with customer testimonials and images of an interview with them?

In addition to the issue of trust, empathy is another determining factor for the success of interviews.

When we see the person in the video, we are much more likely to be able to identify with them.

It is common to feel closer to the characters when we see them and not only read their names in a report.

In the case of interviews, there are many options to work on video.

We can use the journalistic standard (question and answer, as in reports) or opt for the talk-show style, which helps to highlight one or another professional of the company.

As in other types of videos, interviews are used for actions aimed at the company’s consumer/customer and for end marketing initiatives.

Internal communication strategies have demanded more attention, so it is important to consider using videos to optimize results.

Without hooked employees, how to achieve it with consumers?

As you have seen throughout the text, there is no shortage of good options for audiovisual materials.

What are the most suitable types of videos? It all depends on the person, the objectives and the available budget.

Just forget the idea that this is a thing of the future.

Video Marketing is no longer a trend but a reality.

YouTube already has more than a billion users worldwide, and all social networks are making a fuss to diversify their businesses with videos.

3. Webinars Video

Did you realize that you have to work on your brand’s authority?

Do not be ashamed! Prepare a video with the best specialist in the company, the one who understands everything about a specific topic.

Currently, many companies are using this type of resource for internal communication.

Still, it is also worth including the format on your YouTube channel and, of course, working on the scope of the material on your social networks.

In order not to be mistaken, be careful in producing the material! It is essential to maintain the naturalness of the conversation, but that does not mean that the professional does not have to follow a basic script to better plan the presentation.

Why are content marketing techniques using this structure so frequently?

To produce high-quality content, it would be great to have a PC with a webcam, microphone, and internet access.

It is even better if you combine the use of a webinar with a chat.

It is an excellent opportunity to interact with the public and quickly clarify the doubts of your audience.

In content marketing strategies, the webinar is one of the primary materials to talk to customers in the middle of the sales funnel.

That works well because to participate, and they have to leave you something in return: their contact information!

4. Testimonial Videos

It is one of the types of video marketing most used as a strategy by professionals in their marketing careers.

The main objective is to share the experiences of consumers of the brand. In general, the users themselves appear in the video explaining how it helped them positively to use the company’s products or services.

This resource is also used for before and after patients in aesthetic clinics, footwear, and clothing.

5. Demo Videos

Another type of video marketing frequently used by brands is a demo video.

It is based on describing the products’ characteristics, showing how they work, in many cases, their manufacture, among others.

Online marketing professionals take advantage of this strategy to answer potential consumers’ questions.

We hope these types of video marketing are functional for you.

Still, if you want to continue learning more about the digital world and marketing, we recommend applying to the giant classroom.

6. Explanatory Videos

This type of video is used to help your audience understand the reasons why your service or product can help them solve their problems or needs.

Many explainer videos focus on a fictional journey of the ideal buyer persona for a company and the problem they face.

This person overcomes the difficulties by buying or contracting the solution of the company that makes the video.

7. Live Video

Live video gives your viewers a special feeling, like being behind the scenes of your company.

It also allows for stronger bonds and higher engagement rates.

Viewers spend 10 to 20 times more watching a live video than a recorded one, even if it is within the trends.

Live interviews, presentations and events encouraging viewers to ask questions are far more engaging than pre-recorded videos.

8. Brand Videos

Usually, brand videos are part of a more effective outreach strategy.

They show the company’s vision on a large scale and portray the mission and values ​​of the company, as well as the products and services, in a detailed manner.

The goal of branded videos is to raise awareness of your company to engage your employees and intrigue and attract your potential ideal customers.

9. Animated Videos

Animated videos can be a fantastic format to illustrate difficult concepts for easy understanding.

They are also beneficial for explaining some abstract service or an innovative product.

Benefits Of Video Marketing

The use of video marketing can be seen all over the internet.

Look no further than your favorite places—Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube—for examples of great video marketing.

In other words, video marketing is now available to everyone.

If you think creating marketing videos is worth your time and money, you have come to the right place.

Video content is watched by many people more than ever before.

Make video marketing a forward-thinking approach that incorporates entertaining videos into your campaigns.

Video marketing may help you with all aspects of your business, from cultivating client relationships to advertising your brand.

Consider the following benefits of using video marketing right away.

1. Build Consumer Trust

Video can provide a more personal, rich, and engaging connection than text.

Video is quite helpful in presenting your company as helpful, polite, and social.

You are more likely to build trust if you genuinely provide additional information with a video, whether you provide it to your co-workers or your staff.

Employee interviews and behind-the-scenes videos are great methods that help portray the human aspect of a company.

These videos can help you connect with potential consumers and increase their interest in your brand.

2. Improve SEO Optimization

One of the many benefits of using videos in marketing is that they help improve search engine rankings.

Good quality video content using a video editor can increase traffic to your site.

People find them on the internet, and if they find them beneficial, they help your site improve its rankings; Plus, more people can watch your videos.

Make an effort to ensure that your video content is optimized for SEO.

A good thumbnail, an interesting title, and quality videos can help you drive organic traffic to your site.

You can use Youtube to connect to crucial parts of your website, attract new consumers and improve organic growth simultaneously.

3. Increase Conversion Rate

Recent research shows that videos on your product or service website can help sell more of your products or services.

As a marketing strategy, videos can be used in various ways.

However, the content of the videos is always changing.

Product videos and reviews are hot topics to watch these days, and we’ll cover them in a minute.

Customers like this information, and by embedding it on product and service sites, you can increase conversions and revenue in ways you never imagined.

4. Improve Return On Investment (ROI)

Most companies claim that video has a strong return on investment. Creating videos isn’t the easiest or cheapest, but it pays off in the long run.

In addition, Internet video editing software is continually evolving and becoming more affordable. Video recording quality on even the most basic smartphone is quite good.

Also, your videos don’t have to be perfect to be successful. It’s all about the content!

According to a recent survey, videos that don’t represent a product or service well are just plain off-putting.

The customer didn’t care about a lousy design or a low-quality product. Video content should be relevant, useful, entertaining, engaging, and smart.

5. Increase Social Sharing

Social media platforms are now promoting video content with their new features.

Facebook’s new features include video and live video. Instagram offers 60-second reel videos and Instagram Stories, while Twitter offers Periscope.

On the other hand, YouTube is the world’s second most popular social networking site.

However, video marketers must remember that on social media, consumers communicate feelings rather than facts.

A promotional film that viewers find interesting is more likely to be shared.

Consequently, create engaging videos that inspire people to share them on social media.

You can use social sharing to increase traffic to your website.

6. Boost Traffic Generation

Compared to other types of content, posting videos on YouTube and other social media sites will attract more visitors than any other type of content.

B2B companies are taking advantage of this by launching video websites and spending significant money creating and distributing video content.

With video content, you will attract high-quality visitors to your websites.

As a result, it will help in the long-term improvement of your search engine optimization.

7. Attract Buyers

Compared to other types of content, posting videos on YouTube and other social media sites will attract more visitors than any other type of content.

B2B companies are taking advantage of this by launching video websites and spending significant money creating and distributing video content.

With video content, you will attract high-quality visitors to your websites.

As a result, it will help in the long-term improvement of your search engine optimization.


Regardless of the size of your company, one of the marketing strategies that offer the most growth is video marketing since it is proven that they help in the purchase decision and better understanding of the product.

Videos generate more responses than images, as users pay more attention to them before purchasing.

A video makes it much easier to connect with your audience, as it allows you to speak their same language through valuable content that interests them and in the format that most attracts their attention.