Video Marketing For Restaurants

Video Marketing For Restaurants

Video Marketing For Restaurants: Video marketing is a modern and effective option to advertise any business or enterprise.

Any restaurant should take advantage of this tool when making themselves known.

A world of images provokes new ways of looking at the environment.

The image impact instantly transmits content and does not require much attention or mental effort.

The image reaches everyone, large and small, local and foreign clients.

Advertising and marketing have understood this.

As a result of the union of creativity and psychology, video marketing has emerged as a high-impact advertising alternative.

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How To Use Video Marketing For Restaurants?

Video marketing and restaurants complement each other like grilled cheese and French fries.

Interview some of your regulars, feature some of your best dishes, or showcase your favorite chef in action.

A video is the next best thing to having a customer inside your restaurant.

1. Chef Interview Video Marketing For Restaurants

Your menu is your restaurant’s main attraction.

It is what drives business and creates loyal diners.

Your chef is responsible for your amazing menu, and your current and potential customers want to know more about him.

It will personalize your restaurant and increase interest in it if you give your website visitors and social media followers a peek inside your chef’s life.

Since people who like your food are more likely to come back and are more likely to talk about your restaurant, you should do everything you can to build loyalty.

Interviews with your chef are a viable option for this.

Develop a plan where you film several brief movies with your cooks.

These may have Q&As, feature particular recipes, or display cooking advice.

Also, personalize your chef by asking them questions about where they learned to cook and their favorite foods at home.

2. Tips And Tricks For Cooking Video Marketing For Restaurants

While revealing your most secret recipes is not advisable, sharing some of your restaurant cooking tips and tricks is a good idea.

You can create several videos showcasing your tips. You will keep current and potential customers loyal to your restaurant by giving them something.

These creative videos, full of tips and tricks, position your restaurant as an expert in your community. Soon, you will be “the restaurant” people want to go to because you’re the expert.

These short how-to videos can include kitchen tips, favorite kitchen appliances, favorite brands, and quick cooking and baking tips.

You can then encourage your followers to share some of their favorite tricks.

You will quickly establish an ongoing conversation on social media and gain more followers daily.

3. Customer Video Marketing For Restaurants

To use video marketing uniquely, create your approach.

While you can go around interviewing guests during dinner, you can also be more strategic.

Consider posing daily questions to your customers. These can be fun or serious.

For example, a video could showcase each diner’s favorite dish at your restaurant.

Or they could have nothing to do with your restaurant and be more humorous.

Make sure your customer agrees before you put a camera on the table.

4. Menu Video Marketing For Restaurants

Putting individual menu items on display is a fascinating cinematic concept.

As the delivery trucks for your food come, for instance, begin recording.

Then switch to a clip showing one of your employees unloading the ingredients for that menu item.

Then you can carefully video the dish’s preparation (without giving away the recipe), it’s delivery to the table, and your clients’ enjoyment of it.

5. Dinner Testimonies Video Marketing For Restaurants

For your restaurant, reviews are an effective marketing tool.

Why not use them in your restaurant promotion videos?

Customer testimonials can significantly increase business at your restaurant.

Utilize their influence to create videos.

This innovative use of video can provide excellent material because more and more people are listening to what others say online.

Ask a few of your frequent clients if they would be willing to participate in a video interview.

If they say “yes,” you should start the procedure for them right away.

Give them many coupons for free dinners as an illustration.

You’ll discover that testimonial videos will increase the potential customers you can reach through your website, social media, and email marketing.

6. Home Delivery Video Marketing For Restaurants

As a result of the pandemic, restaurants have seen a massive increase in home deliveries.

Many restaurants have survived only because their customers order home delivery.

This is the perfect opportunity to highlight the ease of delivery for your customers.

You can build a unique movie that follows a customer’s order from the moment they place it until the food is cooked, packaged, and delivered to their home.

You can demonstrate your safety procedures and inform them of your approach to COVID-19 security.

 7. Day In The Life Video Marketing For Restaurants

People are eager to meet your employees.

They seek a sense of intimacy with your restaurant.

You can accomplish this by using footage of your staff’s daily activities. Utilize your imagination to showcase each member of your squad.

They will let you observe them throughout the day.

Another possibility is to ask them, “What is your favorite aspect of working here?”

Showcase the personalities of each team member, then post the videos on your website and social media.

Tips For Video Marketing For Restaurants

It is important to consider the virality a video can reach on social networks.

Once the video of our restaurant is recorded, you can use it on your website and on social networks (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

In this way, the business will transfer its image to other platforms to show itself thoroughly with its qualities served on a platter in just a few minutes.

1. Show The Facilities

The video must concentrate its action on the pleasure of eating in a pleasant environment.

People want to see the style of the restaurant if it is cozy and clean.

It is also important to show that the attention is excellent and that everything is taken care of in detail.

2. Highlight The Best

There are restaurants where what should be shown mainly is the food because perhaps their facilities are not very photogenic or are not well cared for. 

In others, the infrastructure will be the highlight. In a good production, what exists can be hidden and improved; this will depend on the ability of the videographer, its good selection, lighting, props, and framing.

3. Dynamic Video

It is also very important that the images have movement, that is, that things move and that the camera moves to obtain a dynamic video. 

Nowadays, the lighter and smaller recording equipment allows the camera to be moved to take shots with a steady-cam, slider or crane without the costs skyrocketing.

4. The Sound

The video can have a narrator voice-over accompanied by music or music. 

Sometimes the first option can be just as suggestive as the second option. 

A voice can tell us things that are difficult to see only in images: where the site is, how many years it has been open, opening hours, etc. 

This information could also appear in overlay labels without using a voice.

5. The Food In The Foreground

All the videos, food must show food in the foreground, since if we do not see them, it is like seeing an advertisement for a car without a car. 

The video of a restaurant tries to reach potential customers who do not have to know what we offer, so we must show it to them, so they know.

6. Decide The Cast

Deciding whether people such as waiters, cooks, or customers will appear important when planning the recording and the script.

If we want to have customers in our recording, we must bear in mind that it is tough to record with real customers with the restaurant open, and more so that they behave as intended, so it is advisable to call “known volunteers” or hire extras.

The Benefits Of Video Marketing For Restaurants

With so many people investing hours watching videos online and with the evolution of marketing, making communication more interactive, video has become important at a time when content is one of the strategic pillars of digital marketing.

YouTube users, for example, are three times more likely to prefer watching a YouTube video tutorial than reading a written tutorial.

If it is still unknown to you why video helps in marketing activities, let’s put some positive points that show these benefits of video marketing.

1. Improves Organic Traffic

Content formats are crucial to attracting hits without investing in paid media campaigns.

Video helps in this process and still has good indexing power in search engines (such as Google), helping to convey the relevance of the content presented and capturing leads.

2. Amazing Way Of Boosting SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the instruments that can “make or break” a business.

You can assist the audience in learning more about your restaurant and entice them to visit you with the correct SEO tools and marketing methods.

When users search for specific words and phrases, Google displays the most relevant results based on their content and value.

So how do videos aid in improving SEO rankings?

Google interprets a visitor’s watching a video on your website as an indicator that there will be more significant interaction.

Additionally, users stay on your website for extended periods, significantly improving your SEO ranks on Google.

3. The Viral Power

Usually, videos have a format that encourages sharing content, even more, making them vitalize faster, especially on social networks.

Studies show that video content can be up to 1,000% more shares than images and texts on social media.

4. Get Your Business Noticed

A variety of goals can be accomplished with the help of video, including generating leads, fostering customer loyalty, growing online audiences, and gaining market share.

Employing short, consumable chunks of material to draw attention to your company and accomplish your business objectives is preferable.

According to a LinkedIn study, completion rates for films under 30 seconds increased by 200 percent.

5. Engagement And Emotional

Video allows for more significant interaction with the consumer, as it allows for moving people’s emotions and awakening a real sense of empathy.

In addition, it facilitates understanding information, making it easy to summarize more complex information, involving those who watch and impact more quickly.

6. Give People What They Want

When selecting a purchase and weighing their options, customers employ various techniques.

A few of the top strategies are using a search engine, going to a business or product’s official website, perusing review websites, and viewing videos.

Each location might add a video, increasing the likelihood that your brand will persuade the consumer.

7. Convert More

According to Video Marketing Statistics, adding videos to a product page can boost conversions by 80% or more.

If a video is used in place of an image, conversion rates will rise.


The video gives you a better impression of the good or service. Engaged viewers of videos are more likely to recall the message.

Viewers are more likely to trust brands after watching a video. Conversions might result from the trust.

8. Build Trust

A brand’s humanization and audience trust can both be increased through video marketing.

The most straightforward approach is to demonstrate to clients that your business is dedicated to providing the most excellent service or product possible and that you are aware of their requirements and issues.

People detest made-up stories and contrived content, so authenticity is crucial.

You can choose various format possibilities depending on your product, message, and aim.

Examples include explainer videos, product, company, and testimonial videos.

For instance, a company story video lets companies inform clients of their values, purpose, mission, and how they help others.

Contrarily, short explainers enable businesses to present a product or service informally and excitingly.


While it might seem like your restaurant can get by on word of mouth alone, your marketing plan occasionally needs a new twist to draw in fresh clients or pique the interest of regular diners.

A catchy marketing video will help you gain more visibility and engage your potential audience, which is a simple and enjoyable method to get people to talk about your restaurant.

Many companies are turning to video marketing as their primary form of advertising, and for a good reason.

Nearly 85% of US internet users watched video material on their devices monthly in 2019, and 54% said they want to see more videos from the brands they enjoy visiting.

These shifting consumer tastes offer a restaurant a fantastic opportunity to attract new customers, boost notoriety, and maintain relationships with current ones.

To start creating your successful video plan, continue reading our comprehensive guide to video marketing in 2019.