Skills That Make Money Online

Not everyone has the skills that make money online with a laptop from home.

To work from home, you need several skills, and among them, I have chosen the highly effective skills to make online money that you will need to succeed in this sector.

So if you have just finished your degree or if you are a born entrepreneur who wants to find a way to make money online, pay attention!

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Skills That Make Money Online

Skills That Make Money Online

To have the skills that make money online, you don’t need to be a tech whiz, but you do need to feel fairly at ease online.

The following are some fundamental technical abilities prospective you should possess for online learning:

The ability to use a word processing program to create documents, navigate the Internet, and the ability to download software.

You should feel comfortable communicating with people online in addition to these necessary skills that make money online.

Communication skills are important skills that make money online, especially if you are learning a language.

1. Social Media Skills That Make Money Online

Practically, it is impossible to see a company (no matter how small) that does not have active social networks. 

If a company ignores this “marketing treasure”, it will lose many opportunities. 

Many companies do not have the time or qualified personnel to carry out a social media strategy to help them grow online.

And that is where you show up: if you specialize in creating social media posting strategies and schedules, you will be able to collaborate with companies worldwide and make money for it.

2. Email Marketing Skills

Email marketing is essential in any marketing strategy. It does not consist of sending emails massively.

It consists of establishing a strategy and personalizing each email as much as possible.

For this, you will have to know your audience, write attractive texts (function of a copywriter), and analyze metrics.

You can see that it involves more than just writing and sending.

You will have to learn to design an email capture form and then deliver more valuable content in return than what you offer on your blog.

This way, you get even closer to your audience.

3. SEO And SEM Skills That Make Money Online

Imagine that you have a psychology practice in the US. You have a website and a blog.

A large list will appear when any person writes in their search engine: psychologist in the US.

Well, if you manage to appear on the first page of Google, you are the king.

Not only will you improve your brand image, but you will get many more customers.

And that is what has been achieved thanks to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Many companies are looking for SEO specialists to appear in those coveted positions.

So specializing in this sector is one of the skills to make money online that can give you a lot of money.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is another way to get a certain web page to be more visited.

Sites will display an advertisement urging visitors to purchase a product on their page if a user searches for it online.

Google (of course) considers that a company appears advertised when a customer searches for a certain product.

SEM allows you to optimize these ads and target the right audience for your business to get relevant clicks and eventually make good sales.

4. Copy Writing Skills

Today, a lot of people still conflate copywriting with content writing.

They are not the same, but both involve writing content for the internet.

While educating readers and improving one’s Google ranking are the main goals of content writing.

To persuade through text to make a sale is the aim of copywriting.
If you like this world, you will have to stay with concepts such as final sales, Landing page or Buyer person.

Terms you will need to know to be a good copy.

The good thing about this skill is that, as a general rule, it is better paid than the content writer.

(However, establishing one’s name also requires more money).

5. Content Writing Skills

A skill set required for any successful digital marketing strategy is well-written content.

Unlike copywriting, which is typically used to increase sales, can use content writing for various purposes, including education and entertainment.

However, if you are a naturally gifted writer who understands how to connect with an audience through words, this could be an excellent path.

Certain large companies will pay a high price, especially for skilled content writers.

6. Computer Programming

While machines are replacing people in many occupations, those who can program those machines will always be in demand.

Knowing computer programming will enable you to create the programs, software, tablet, and smartphone applications that are now essential to daily life.

Start by learning one of the most popular programming languages, such as Java, Python, BASIC, Pascal, C, C++, Ada, or COBOL, if you want to try this career with a bright future.

Your computer, a few good compilers (which are available for free), and a dependable Internet connection are all you will need to get started.

Yes, programming is challenging, but it’s all up to you.

If you put in the necessary time and effort, the Internet will give you all the tools you need to become an expert programmer in theory and practice.

Numerous free educational tools and coding courses are available for self-training.

Some of them include Coursera, which offers free introductory courses from renowned universities, and Codeacademy, which provides interactive training and is well-liked by beginners.

7. Coding Skills That Make Money Online

Almost every business requires a reliable website and app in the modern era.

And for you to develop a website or an app, you need a good knowledge of coding.

Coding is a critical skill for jobs like software development.

There is currently a high demand for software developers worldwide, so learning to code can be an easy route to an open field of work.

There are thousands of skills for high earners in the world that you can learn, such as WordPress website design, copywriting, funnel building, etc.

8. A Second Language

Depending on the position, being bilingual can help you stand out from the crowd.

A second language can increase your worth as an employee or help you close more deals in certain professions, like customer service or sales.

It can lead to higher salaries and better opportunities for promotion.

You can also use your command of another language to earn extra money through tutoring or offering translation services.

Tutors earn between $20 and $150 per hour, making it a lucrative job.

Check with your community college for in-person or online class options.

To brush up on your skills or start learning a new language,

9. Consulting

Consulting is a high-earning skill that requires problem-solving for a business.

Just as a mechanic studies an engine and diagnoses faults, you should also do it to discover the problems or what part of the company’s system could work more efficiently.

In the beginning, you can work for hours, but if you gain more experience, you will be able to work on projects where the profit is much higher, retention fees are charged, and it is received monthly.

10. YouTuber

Less than a generation ago, nobody could have imagined that a kid could make thousands of dollars by making videos at home and uploading them to YouTube.

“Being a celebrity on the internet” was something unknown to everyone. No child ever thought of becoming a blogger.

It’s funny how people love unboxing videos; who would have thought that other people on the other side of the world would be interested in seeing how you take items out of a box?

And not only that, but some want to hear other people’s opinions about movies or deleted scenes, videos about travel or tourism that are very popular.

There are professional and home videos that teach people to develop new skills.

As a YouTuber, you can earn a lot of fame and make a high income as an influencer on YouTube.

YouTube represents a way to earn a living while sharing your passion and hobbies.

It may take you a while to get started, but eventually, you will be able to generate income through Adsense, an advertising system that pays you for a certain number of clicks on your video ads.

With a YouTube channel, you can impact and help people worldwide with your message and story.

Being an influencer on YouTube is another skills that make money online.

11. Video Edition Skills That Make Money Online

We currently live in a digital media age.

You can access a large amount of information, products and services with a single click.

With the growing popularity of digital platforms like Instagram and Facebook, many brands have shifted their focus to their online presence.

They pay more attention to their products being aesthetic and appealing to the masses, where video editing plays an integral role.

These are the most in-demand skills right now and can help you make a good living in many different ways.

You have the option to work as a freelance video editor, or you can work in an organization as a full-time video editing job.

Either way, you can earn a significant amount of money.

12. Editor Skills That Make Money Online

All the information you find online was not created out of thin air.

Behind the screen, thousands of little thinking heads spend a large part of their day next to a keyboard and a mouse.

The demand for these types of professionals is enormous.

There are not only social networks but also websites, blogs, or even scripts for podcasts and videos.

If you want to be a content writer, you will have to, in addition to not having excessive spelling mistakes, have knowledge of SEO and, above all… make sure that the reader does not fall asleep while reading what you have written.

13. Graphic Design

If you like art and you are a creative person, this is one of the skills to make money online.

On the internet, everything is image and video.

That is why people who make different types of designs for ads, web pages, and social networks are needed.

Graphic design is one of the most demanding skills to earn money from home, and it will continue for years to come.

However, just learning Photoshop is not enough.

You will have to handle many programs and, above all, have that “magic touch” that artists have to create original digital work from scratch.

14. Data Analysis

A data analyst is a professional profile that works analyzing data.

Today we live surrounded by data that, when analyzed and structured, can attract many benefits to companies.

In addition, it is one of the best-paid emerging professions with the most significant number of employment opportunities.

15. Public Speaking

While public speaking comes naturally for some, learning how to do so can be challenging (and even terrifying) for others.

While you might be able to put off public speaking for a while, you will undoubtedly be required to give a speech or public announcement at some point in your career, whether on notice or not.

So, to be ready, conquer those fears right away.

16. Online Advertisement

Knowing to advertise or ads will be another highly effective skill to make money online.

Advertising is the fastest way to impact users on social networks, YouTube, or web pages.

If you control advertising, you can generate good income with the internet.

17. Photography Skills That Make Money Online

You may have some experience taking photos with a smartphone or camera.

However, you need more than just taking random pictures to make money from photography.

Professional photography can take years of training and practice to perfect.

Professional photography necessitates additional skills such as Photoshop and Lightroom.

A professional photographer can make a living from photography jobs and photo exhibitions.

Whether it is cooperation events or private or social events, it can never undermine the role of the photographer.

Photographers create long-term memory; for those who live after them.

You can work privately as a photographer and use paid sites to sell your photos as stock.

Professional photographers make up to $39,000 annually.

18. Farming And Gardening

While farming and gardening take a lot of work, it’s also a great way to stay healthy and eat well.

With global food shortages and fast food consumption on the rise, there is no better time to pick up gardening and farming skills than now.

You can grow your private fruits and vegetables for consumption, take them further, and grow plants for commercial purposes.

Farmers benefit financially from growing their crops in addition to the health benefits.

Potential earnings from farming may vary depending on your country.

19. Audio Production

This skill doesn’t require you to be a professional musician, and it certainly doesn’t need you to have a degree or certification.

Video and audio production skills are used almost everywhere online, and finding gigs is not difficult.

Learning audio production takes some equipment, software, and practice, but the sooner you start, the sooner you can sell your skills.

20. Virtual Assistance

The need for virtual assistants is growing.

Companies recognize the value of finding labor online, so hiring virtual assistants is a cost-effective solution.

People on the opposite side (i.e., virtual assistants) have the opportunity to work from the comfort of their homes and employ their virtual assistance skills.

Virtual assistance is the embodiment of various skills.

You must possess a few prerequisite skills to work as a virtual assistant, like:

  • Computer skills
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Accuracy
  • Communication skills
  • Organizational skills

You can choose positions that fit your current skill set for virtual assistance because there are a variety of more and less demanding virtual assistant jobs available.

Another option is to take business management, sales, or email management courses to improve your virtual assistant portfolio.

Keep in mind that virtual assistance is a skill that grows best once used regularly.

Therefore, experience and work will be the best tools for growth and improvement.

21. Mobile App Development

If you want to make money online, mobile app development is the another big skill, just like web development.

You will need to have a solid understanding of programming, UI design, backend computing, etc., if you want to build successful mobile applications.

This skill is needed as the world transitions to mobile applications.


In addition to the skills I provide here, there are many more skills to learn to earn money and improve your CV.

If you are among the many who feel stuck in their career, take this opportunity to select any of these available skills that best fit your schedule.

There are also many people with titles that are not applicable in practice.

If you are one of those people, consider upgrading your skills to keep up with the harsh job market realities.

Improving your skills is also a way to make more in today’s business world.

Employers are more likely to choose an employee with some skill level over those who have no skill at all.