Side Hustle Ideas 2021 – Earn Extra Money

Side Hustle Ideas 2021 - Earn Extra Money

In this article, I’m going to show you Side Hustle Ideas 2021 – Earn Extra Money

You have set your financial goals for 2021, and making money and saving money are at the top of your resolutions list.

You are ready to hustle—or side hustle, as the case may be—to make your vision a reality, since beginning an income-generating side hustle that you manage in addition to your usual work routine is one of the quickest ways to make more money.

So, whether you’re looking for easy ways to make money online or the best side hustle ideas for 2021 to help you earn extra money fast, these 100 side hustle ideas for 2021 will help you locate the best part-time jobs that fit your already busy schedule.

Many side hustle ideas may be done from home, while others may require you to leave the house—either way, there are enough alternatives below to ensure you discover one that meets your requirements.

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Side Hustle Ideas 2021 – Earn Extra Money

1. Become a Freelance Writer on the Internet

Have you seen all of the content available on the internet? Someone wrote every word. Many people do contribute content to the World Wide Web. And a surprisingly large number of them are being compensated for their efforts.

Although some of the larger websites employ full-time staff writers, most web material is generated by freelancers who work for several clients.

Side Hustle Ideas 2021 - Earn Extra Money

You also don’t need a journalism degree or any prior writing experience (though both can help). You might be able to write material for websites in that category if your writing skills are above average and you have one or more

areas of specialization.

I have done freelance writing as a blogger, so I know this is a viable side income. Though the fees were initially minimal, I soon discovered that I could earn several hundred dollars for every article, if not more.

Some freelance writer I know has been giving freelance writing services for numerous years. It’s turned into a full-time job for them, bringing in over $20,000 and above a year.

You don’t have to make freelance writing your full-time job. It could be a great side hustle for you to do in your spare time.

2. Become a Social Media Manager

While most individuals consider social media to be a communications toy, it is becoming vital for businesses.
Small businesses may use social media to expand their market reach and boost sales. It has, nonetheless, evolved into a significant mode of communication.

Side Hustle Ideas 2021 - Earn Extra Money

A consumer may require instructions on using a product or service or assistance in resolving an issue.
If you are comfortable using Facebook, Twitter, and other prominent social media sites, you could be able to help small businesses.

Marketing, resolving consumer contact and complaints, promoting the company’s website, and developing the company’s social media sites are just a few examples.

You can begin by taking on two or three small company clients, and as your skill level improves, you can expand your clientele.

Compensation could be based on an hourly rate, a monthly fee, or whatever you and the customer agree on.
You can bet your skills will be in high demand if you’re successful in assisting small businesses to generate new revenue using social media.

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3. Become A Virtual Assistant

You may earn a living. As the workforce becomes more distant, more large firms and high-level CEOs hire virtual assistants to outsource administrative tasks.

If you have the requisite talents, this type of part-time side hustle could be a simple way to generate more money in 2021 while being at home.

4. Become a Transcriptionist

Making money by transcribing audio files into written form is a great way to get money. Many full-time, skilled transcriptionists make more than $60,000 a year.

Side Hustle Ideas 2021 - Earn Extra Money

The majority of transcriptionists start out part-time to hone their typing skills. Transcriptionists require strong listening skills in addition to the ability to type over 60 to 70 words per minute without errors.

A good pair of headphones, a fast and steady internet connection, and a PC with at least 8MB of RAM are all required.

Because each time you take your hands off the keyboard, you lose an average of seven seconds, learning to utilize a foot pedal will help you type faster.

5. Become An Instagram Influencer

Most people dream of becoming famous when they are young. But the truth is that not everyone can sing or act. Fortunately, you may still establish a personal brand based on your abilities.

Side Hustle Ideas 2021 - Earn Extra Money

Perhaps you have a great sense of style or can bake a fantastic dessert.

Anyone may start a side hustle as an influencer on Instagram. It’s fine if you don’t like being in the spotlight. You can use Instagram to establish a following for your dog or your photos.

Sponsored posts, Instagram takeovers, and selling a product on your website are all ways to monetize your Instagram account.

Be consistent with the type of material you share, the frequency with which you post, and the time with which you post.

If people know what to expect from your page regularly, you’ll get new followers.
You won’t monetize straight immediately, so put your efforts into expanding your audience by posting numerous

times per day, every day.
Is it possible to make money as an influencer as a side hustle? In general, influencers charge between $200 and $400 for each post. This can vary depending on the size of your audience.

6. Sell Information Products

Selling information items could be the ideal side job for you if you are seeking a way to supplement your income. To succeed at this side hustle, you will need to do some online research, put in some effort, and have some marketing abilities.

Are there any current hot items about which you have a lot of knowledge? Have you discovered a popular topic about which there is not enough information?

Create content around these chances to monetize them. To begin generating money, you can publish books on Amazon or sell courses.

What kind of profit margins can you expect from selling information items?

It depends on the niche, how well you advertise yourself, and many other aspects. A side hustle like this, on the other hand, can bring in a few thousand bucks every month. The idea is to build various materials (ebooks, courses, etc.) that will continue to generate recurring revenue for you.

7. Sell Items On Etsy

Side Hustle Ideas 2021 - Earn Extra Money

Etsy is an online marketplace where people who enjoy crafting can sell their creations. You may make money selling your cottage industry products on Etsy, whether it’s canvas art, t-shirts, jewellery, woodwork etc.

The income ranges from very little to a great deal, and some people make huge figures. However, as more people offer products online, yours will need to stand out.

8. Online Survey

It is incredibly improbable that anyone will become a millionaire by taking online surveys. But you can make some extra money in your spare time if you devote it to sharing your thoughts with organizations looking for them.

Side Hustle Ideas 2021 - Earn Extra Money

Online surveys don’t offer a lot of extra money, and they’re neither consistent nor scalable.

However, they are a popular way to make money online because you can do them while standing in line, riding the train, or binge-watching the latest movie show.

Most surveys take only a few minutes of your time, while those that take longer pay slightly more.

9. Become a Proofreader Or Editor

Proofreading can be the appropriate side hustle for you if you have a talent for spelling and language. Proofreaders give the final check on several tasks ranging from manuscripts to blog entries, depending on your specialisation.

Editors, like proofreaders, require a keen understanding of the finer points of writing, although there are additional elements and expertise within the domain of editing. You may work as a development editor, looking for story gaps and unanswered issues. You can also change all of the above for a specific portion of a website.

There is plenty of work for both editors and proofreaders out there, whether you want some extra cash for the holidays or want to pay off your student loan debt.
Freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork are popular when working online as an editor or proofreader.

10. Start a Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is the solution for side hustlers who want to run their own online retail business but only want to do it part-time. You manage an internet store, but you don’t have to worry about maintaining physical inventory or dealing with tedious activities like shipping.

Side Hustle Ideas 2021 - Earn Extra Money

With little to no experience, you may start a dropshipping store. All you need is a platform like Shopify or WooCommerce, both available at a low cost and a niche in which you want to sell.

You will want to seek down suppliers of things you want to sell once you have established a platform to sell on.

If you use Shopify, you can do this through their platform’s plugins, or you can source your products if you have something else in mind. It’s time to market your shop after it’s up and running, and then sit back and watch the money come in.

Dropshipping has slightly more significant expenditures than side hustles like launching a blog or generating digital items, but it’s still pretty inexpensive in the grand scheme of things.

The amount of effort and planning you put into your business will determine how successful it is, but it can easily be done part-time.

11. Sharing Your Skills Online

Sharing your skills online can also be used to earn money. This is an extension of skills Acquisition, which involves teaching a more comprehensive range of people online about the skill you have acquired.

For instance, a fashion designer can pick a quite challenging or a new style, do video coverage of how to fold, cut and sew the style, and make the design come out as perfect as possible. Then you post such a video on a unique platform you have created for yourself online.

Or, a video coverage on how well to prepare a challenging food delicacy can be made and posted on such platform or a registered platform.

You can create a personal channel on YouTube for this purpose, and as people view your channel, you get subscribers. 

This takes a while and needs consistency and devotion before starting earning money on YouTube because you need a thousand subscribers and four thousand watch hours in the past 1 year before you can start earning.

Also, you can apply this approach on Facebook, creating a group of either fashion designers, cooking groups or any of your skill choice, till the group with contents and people can join or register into your group by payment.

Either way, you need excellent and catchy content to be successful in this, as well as devotion and consistency.

12. Skill Learning/Acquisition

You can pick a skill that you have a passion for, learn and broaden your knowledge about it, and you can take it up as a job or side job.

With the way things are going now in the world we find ourselves in, it is essential to get our hands on skill (s) learning/acquisition. Skills such as computer-aided designs, shoemaking, fashion designs, photography, as well as tech skills such as graphics design, web design and development, data analysis, data science, among others, are very relevant and can pay.

Make sure you get all the needed knowledge about your chosen skill, become a professional at what you do and have your professionalist make you stand out. People will patronize you because these are skills that encompass life necessities that people cannot do without.

13. Tutoring

It’s always been a common side hustle to teach pupils a range of courses. The COVID pandemic in 2020 increased the demand for online instruction even more.

Tutoring can be a great method to supplement your income depending on where you live and the subjects you teach.

You can venture into virtual tutoring, which could be one-on-one with your students or as many students as your schedule allows.

It is important to leverage what you know best, prepare a suitable venue, have a quiet place to hold your classes.

It should not be taken for granted based on being virtual), study your market before pricing and stick to the agreed schedule, as this will keep your students glued to you.

Online tutoring jobs platforms that focus mainly on tutorings, such as tutors, Wyzant, and these platforms pay per session rates based on the subject chosen by the tutor.

The most important requirement to meet before you can take up an online tutoring job is a good laptop or computer, while other requirements will be made known to you on the chosen platform to your chosen subject.


If you want to increase your income, add security in an uncertain job market, or start building your next full-time job, consider starting a side hustle.
Sure, it won’t be easy when you first begin. But once you have your first few clients, you’ll see how valuable a decent side hustle can be. The most crucial step is to begin, and once you’ve done that, don’t look back. What began as side hustles have grown into new occupations and profitable enterprises.



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