New Technologies In Digital Marketing

New Technologies In Digital Marketing

There are always new digital marketing technologies that can help improve the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing is creating, managing and executing a marketing plan that uses electronic channels such as the internet, mobile devices and social media.

Understanding how technology affects consumer interactions with brands is crucial for success in digital marketing.

It refers to a marketing technique businesses employ to market their products or services to consumers by using the internet or other channels as a distribution channel.

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New Technologies In Digital Marketing

Promoting products or services is accomplished by utilizing various digital channels, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Email Marketing, and Content Marketing, amongst others. It is essential in influencing how companies sell their goods and services.

Technological advancement led to the increasing usage of digital devices, which led to individuals purchasing their needs online.

It influenced physical shops, which caused digital marketing to become a critical necessity for businesses. 

Digital marketing has a lot of online techniques used by organizations to create brand awareness and generate sales.

They include the following: 

Social Media Marketing

 This refers to using different social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc., to promote products.

It involves using different social media platforms to gain the attention of prospects worldwide to a particular product.

Search Engine Marketing

 This refers to promoting websites to increase their visibility in search engine result pages through paid ads.

Search engine marketing entails the different inorganic methods utilized to ensure that a business is visible on search engines’ results pages (SERPs).

Content Marketing

The term “content marketing” refers to creating and distributing content on the internet, such as videos, blogs, and posts on various social media platforms.

Because content marketing aims to supply people with knowledge, this type does not overtly push a particular brand.

Search Engine Optimization

 Also known as SEO, is a marketing approach that aims to improve search results and generate brand exposure.

SEO marketing uses various strategies, including content marketing, to promote a business on the web. 

New Technologies In Digital Marketing 

As of 2022, many new technologies have been introduced into digital marketing, which marketers are delving into and maximizing their potential.

Some of the opportunities remain fresh and untapped, while some are still barely touched by marketers. 

Although many marketing fundamentals are consistent from year to year, the methods companies employ to attain marketing success constantly evolve.

At this point, technology plays an essential role in the marketing strategies used by firms.

There are increasingly more innovations in technology that business owners need to pay attention to with each passing year.

Those who stay one step ahead of the competition in their businesses may even achieve unimaginable marketing success.

The following are examples of new technology being utilized in digital marketing:

1. AI-Based Automation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the major technologies behind voice search and intelligent assistants.

We have already witnessed remarkable advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) over the past few years and a significant increase in businesses utilizing AI-powered automation to assist their marketing initiatives.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation make some of the laborious tasks associated with marketing easier to complete, allowing businesses to direct their attention instead of developing strategies that provide customers with a more satisfying experience. 

There is no denying the reality that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has quickly become an indispensable component of our everyday life. 

However, in recent years, artificial intelligence has brought about a major rise in marketing operations.

Because marketing requires making decisions and planning, artificial intelligence has shown to be the most crucial support system because it assists in making decisions.

2. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the technology that creates a realistic and interactive environment through computer generation.

Adopting this technology in marketing can provide customers with an engaging and practical experience with a business.

Virtual reality allows customers to explore a product, engage with the business, and purchase in this virtual environment.

Customers are even made to go through various emotions and senses as part of the experience.

Virtual reality can alter typical marketing by providing customers with more access to hands-on experiences and by transforming a sales pitch into an all-encompassing journey, both of which marketers can harness.

It is possible to use it to create a virtual online shopping experience for existing or new customers who are always on the go.

Additionally, it can enable marketers to acquire more data from clients, leading to improved levels of personalization.

3. Live Streaming 

This technology allows businesses to choose a particular online platform on which people can connect in real-time and then exhibit their products to their audience while watching the live stream of the exhibition and making purchases while the event continues.

In the Western world, the practice of live streaming is still in its infancy, but in some parts of Asia, it is already widespread and enjoys enormous popularity.

People find live streams entertaining because they allow them the chance to engage in live conversation with industry professionals.

Businesses can benefit from this technology because it increases awareness of their brands. Quite a few businesses have already made investments in live video.

Many sponsors live product lessons from social media influencers, while others hold live question and answer sessions for their products.

4. Video Marketing

Video marketing explains video marketing by utilizing videos to promote and sell products or services, boost interaction on online business platforms, enlighten clients, and engage their audience.

Businesses that focus on developing successful video marketing strategies will likely enjoy increasing success in the years to come. 

You may increase the number of visitors to your website and the number of people who convert by including amazing videos on your website, landing pages, social profiles, and other platforms.

There is no way to refute that technological advancements will continue influencing how we promote online businesses. 

Marketing strategies constantly being updated will continue to assist businesses in effectively connecting with their customers.

To achieve sustainable growth and a higher return on investment as a business owner, you need to emphasize incorporating creative marketing solutions into your various campaigns strongly.

5. Voice Search

Voice searches account for around one-third of Google’s 3.5 million daily queries.

Voice recognition software, automated processes, and other technology have combined to make voice a functional tool in today’s world, making it the most popular search technology in recent history.

It should be no surprise that thousands of brand-new voice command systems are being purchased worldwide daily.

If you are in the digital marketing business and haven’t increased focus on voice search, you are losing out on a significant portion of your audience.

When individuals use voice search, they rarely search for single words but rather conduct their inquiries using complete sentences, to a large extent, in the same manner, they usually do when speaking.

Individuals now use it to relieve the stress of typing and still do what they intend to do using voice while on the go.

The importance of voice search is becoming more widespread. Voice recognition is just one example of how technological advancements improve each passing year. 

As a result, it will soon be indispensable for marketers to make an effort to be at the top of those searches. 

Marketers would need to make adjustments to their SEO methods so that they may achieve the outcomes they want.

They are required to have the ability to anticipate what a user would say rather than type with hand while conducting a voice search. 

6. Internet of Things (IoT)

In this day and age, being connected requires more than just smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

There is a vast array of internet-connected appliances, from automobiles to homes.

The term “Internet of Things” refers to interconnected electronic devices.

For instance, inserting advertisements in the operating systems of intelligent cars is a function of the internet of things.

As more devices are connected and produced, there will be an increase in the number of options for advertising via the Internet of Things. 

7. Chatbots

Conversational artificial intelligence (AI) technology enables a chatbot system to simulate a conversation with a user in natural language using messaging applications, websites, or mobile apps. It uses rule-based language applications to carry out live chat operations in response to actual user interactions.

Chatbots are quickly gaining popularity. It is a system that simultaneously allows for direct communication with customers through texts, audio, and messaging.

Chatbots are a comparatively cheap and dynamic business tool to improve customer service.

They can give the researcher real-time answers and the flexibility to answer various questions.

It is simple to incorporate into a website, application, or social network, and it has the capability of collecting data that may be used in marketing campaigns.

Chatbots have proven extremely useful because they have dealt with customer queries and complaints by carefully using available data.

Because of the issues people have, the questions they ask, and the kind of feedback they provide with chatbots, it can be an effective analytical tool.

It can be a basis for the formation of future marketing plans.

It is anticipated that by the end of the decade, a considerable percentage of customer service interactions with firms will be conducted by chatbots.

As a result, it is imperative for commercial companies to either incorporate them into their marketing technique or make the existing chatbot function highly beneficial for their customers.

8. Internet of Behaviors (IoB)

The Internet of Behavior (IoB) combines data analytics and behavioral science by including the features of the internet of things.

Internet of Business’s mission is to understand the complexity of human behavior following actions such as purchasing an item and what drives them to perform specific actions, among other examples.

By way of illustration, the implementation of IoB enables telematics to follow drivers of commercial trucks for abrupt braking and aggressive turns.

In the future, organizations may utilize the data to test drivers’ performance and improve their operations’ efficiency.

This technology can prove very effective in marketing as it helps to track human behavior and their response to situations.

9. Smart Bidding

When we talk about smart bidding, we refer to the automatic smart bidding tactics that Google Ads makes available.

Through this method, Google can manage the PPC campaigns of its advertisers using its own AI system.

After that, the system will work to maximize the advertiser’s return on investment by optimizing their budget. 

The bid optimization process gives advertisers a wide variety of options, including the ability to choose the device, precise location, retargeting list, ad features, and browser, among other possibilities.

Even though automated bidding is not a novel idea.

But as of late, Google has shown significant improvement.

By removing the need for marketers to speculate and make educated guesses, the automatic bidding feature of Google.

Ads make it much simpler for these professionals to achieve their objectives. 

Google examines all the data and adjusts the bids effectively to improve the campaign’s effectiveness and boost overall efficiency.

Importance of Technology In Digital Marketing 

Rapid technological advancement has influenced many facets of society, from the integrity of our national security to how we go about our daily lives.

The internet, smartphones, social networks, and other inventions are all technologies that significantly impact modern marketing. 

People can learn more about one another, businesses can grow and prosper, relationships are formed, the efficacy of organizations is strengthened, and technology plays a significant role in all of these things.

When it comes to development and expansion, every marketer is beginning to recognize the significance of technology as a component.

Technology is undeniably an essential and strategic instrument that may help you improve the effectiveness of your operations as a whole and maintain your lead over rival businesses. 

Although the function of marketing has not shifted as a result of technology, which is the driving force behind business-consumer relationships, the attitudes held by corporations toward marketing and the approaches taken to marketing have all become inseparable. 

Marketers now have access to an abundance of data from all over the world, thanks to the widespread use of the internet.

This data is reliable, relevant, and can be independently verified.

Marketers can get meaningful insights about businesses and the things they sell simply by clicking a button. 

They can compare products, locate better costs, read reviews, and even connect with other users through forums regarding the quality of things and how satisfied buyers are with their purchases.

The development of marketing over the past few decades has revealed that technology was initially a supporting character but has since evolved into the main attraction of the field.

With the many technological tools at one’s disposal, it may prove difficult to establish which B2B or B2C marketing applications are essential for your team because there is now such a broad range of applications that may be of assistance.

Many marketers rely on internet marketing technologies to improve and accelerate their marketing operations.

The variety of tools that are currently available on the market has the potential to make one feel overwhelmed rapidly.

However, the most important thing is to remember the objectives that your firm is working toward.

It will be much simpler to focus on the components of the various tools that would be of far more assistance to you if you first decide what you are doing and then build a plan to accomplish that goal. 

Because there are an infinite number of tools available, it is imperative that you first make a list of the most helpful services that are considered necessary by your business even before you start your research.

This should be done before you even begin studying to simplify your marketing efforts.


Current technology usage, including digital marketing, has been ingrained in our society and is not going away anytime soon.

Digital marketing is crucial for the marketer and customers because it allows both parties to satisfy their needs without engaging in the excessive back-and-forth haggling characteristic of more conventional purchasing and selling goods and services.

Certain growth marketing agencies are still anticipated to contribute substantially to marketing.

Upon knowing the needs of consumers, businesses will be responsible for bearing the cost and ensuring that their staff members are adequately educated and prepared to make the most effective use of the new tools.