New Ideas For Digital Marketing 

New Ideas For Digital Marketing 

There are a number of new ideas for digital marketing that are constantly being developed and improved, so it’s important to stay up to date on the latest trends.

Digital marketing trends and innovations always have a tremendous amount of interest around the turn of each year.

The interest in digital marketing became huge since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, keeping everyone inside their homes to avoid physical contact and causing a downward slide in various businesses.

This, however, has pushed marketers into sourcing new cost-effective means and techniques to promote their products and services to avoid the closure of their businesses due to poor sales generation.

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New Ideas For Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing has a lot of techniques, methods, and strategies which can be tapped by small, medium, and large-scale businesses to generate more sales and drive growth.

There seems to be an upward trajectory in digital marketing as the world is now called the ‘Computer Age.’

Also, the steady dynamic nature of technology has pushed everyone to keep up with the ever-evolving technological developments every day.

There seems to be an entirely new development in technology being brought out for use by the world.

This has made every business owner cum marketer be on their toes to avoid being left behind when the world switches from a technique or strategy used for promoting their goods and services or marketing to another method due to technological evolution.

New Digital Marketing Trends 

There comes a time when as a digital marketer, you hit the wall, and it seems you have lost all creativity in you, making you feel like you have run out of ideas.

It would help if you had a few marketing tricks and were right back on track.

There are many new trends that, when used by digital marketers, can drive in the much-needed traffic to them or their firm, leading to more income generation.

The following ideas can be helpful to digital marketers or businesses:

1. Social Media Marketing Ideas

Finding fresh ideas is the hardest aspect of social media marketing. 

Marketers are expected to handle multiple social media pages and deliver relevant content daily for consumption by their ever-hungry audience. 

Achieving this is challenging, and recycling the same ideas over and over would make your page so boring.

The following are ways to keep up with the expectations.

Push Your Handles

As a social media marketer, being a bit shameless sometimes helps boost your traffic by consistently promoting your social account and delivering to your clients. 

You can share your handles with almost everyone, from friends to family and even new acquaintances.

This process drives traffic to your handles. 

While speaking at a conference, you can put your handle on the slideshow (at the bottom so you don’t end up blocking your audience’s view).

Join In On Daily Hashtag Themes

Being an active social media user is a better way of deriving traffic.

You cannot be a social media user who isn’t active and expects to excel in your media marketing.

You have to be an active user by posting daily and being part of daily or weekly fun social media traditions on platforms that already have a loyal audience and watch your account followers grow.

Instagram Stories

The Instagram story is a feature that allows social media users to post pictures, videos, text, stickers, etc., for 24 hours.

With the proper use of this feature, you can effectively promote your brand or offer it properly to your audience and, this way, turn viewers into buyers as long as you can catch their fancy.

Create A Giveaway Contest

Hosting a giveaway contest on your page is an effective strategy to generate traffic. You don’t necessarily need a third party to be able to host a contest. 

It would be beneficial if you had a prize to give away (which might be a product associated with your business), terms and conditions that would protect you legally and direct your audience, a point of contact, and a unique manner for people to enter.

You may effectively sell your brand this way without spending a fortune.

Team Up With Another Brand

Two brands can co-host a particular marketing campaign and achieve their different aims. This can be teaming up on a marketing campaign, a webinar, delivering content, etc.

Co-marketing is a marketing strategy that helps firms to be exposed to their different audience and promote their products to them. 

Keep Your Page Interactive

As a social media manager, you must keep your pages interactive. Most of the content you post on your handles does not necessarily have to come from you.

Having an interactive page where you can engage your followers and have them say their minds on what they feel about a particular topic can help you realize topics you can post on your page and keep your audience active and coming for more.

You can follow other accounts through pages on social media networks like Facebook to watch portions.

Through daily monitoring of your competitors, you will see what they are doing and how they are doing it and improve your website accordingly.

This strategy helps you to have a better competitive advantage over your rivals by keeping tabs on the places you are one step ahead of them.

2. Content Marketing Ideas

As a content marketer, you need to deliver content that is of good quality to your audience.

Empty content doesn’t feel compelling while reading, but good content meets expectations. 

The following are ideas you can make use of as a content creator. 

Pick a Unique Angle

You can be an SEO expert, and when you follow trends, you write on the same topics others are writing on.

But you can still differentiate yourself from the crowd.

You have to narrow the focus of the topic and make it personal while writing.

Suppose you are finding it difficult to pick a different angle.

In that case, you have to know what the subject matter is all about and how it matters to you, think of subtopics under it that excite you to write about, and in the end, you find out you have more in-depth on that particular topic to deliver to your audience. 

Go Against The Wind

In every industry, there are popular beliefs and best practices that no one challenges. This could be in the form of how to present content, how to host a campaign, etc.

If you have an opinion against those concepts, you have to share it.

You’d have people who would disagree with you, but you would still find readers who would find your work mind-blowing, and this can open up a debate on the web.

Also, you can decide not to follow the standard procedures used by other content creators in your industry.

You can choose to be different in how you deliver your content or relate with your audience, making people see you as distinct and not following the crowd.

If you want to write content contrary to the popular view, always have facts to support your argument.

Do not be contrary for contrary’s sake, as this would mar your ambitions. 

Interview An Expert On The Subject Matter

You would never have a personal experience on all available topics. 

If so, you should consult an authority on the subject for advice.

Subject matter experts have a lot of information in their heads that can be useful to you. 

Try to interview one by a direct meeting or using a social media platform.

Doing so would open up your mind to see what you were unaware of, giving you more information about the subject and what to write. 

You don’t have to interview only one person to be able to wire your content.

You can interview two or more and get enough facts from people who must have used that idea for their business.

This way, you have a lot of information available to write.

Delve into Your Organisation Data

Writing with what you got from Google might make you write the same stats repeatedly, and people would become sick of hearing the same stuff repeatedly.

If you work for an organization, you have to use special features you have access to that your competitors don’t come to your advantage, then come up with content that would sell your brand effectively. 

The data could be monthly sales records, research, development, marketing strategies, etc. This data puts you at an advantage.

Have A Conversation With Your Customers

Your target audience is the main reason you are a content creator and to deliver good content for them. You have to talk with them to get their ideas on what they expect from you.

Ask your most engaged audience about the subjects that are most important to them.

When you write about subjects that interest your biggest followers, you will draw in more people who share their interests and are likelier to like your product.

Additionally, since you might lack the necessary experience, you could ask your clients to contribute as guests.

You would then have excellent material available for your readers.

Pay Attention To Your Industry And Customers

As a content writer, you must pay attention to the industry you find yourself in. This makes you develop content that’s specifically made for the industry. 

Also, paying attention to your customers keeps you updated about how they feel about your brand and what they think of your style.

This way, you tailor your content to meet up with their style.

3. Ideas For Email Marketing 

As an email marketer, an effective email campaign can help you build relationships that would turn leads into loyal customers.

Here are a few ideas to input as an email marketer to effectively convert leads from your emails.

Make Your Email Skimmable

You must improve your clickthrough rate and readability by keeping your emails short. You can do so by breaking it into short paragraphs and straight-to-the-point sentences.

This way, your target doesn’t feel bored when going through your copy.

Use Attention-Grabbing Headers

Attention-grabbing headers raise your chances of getting your emails clicked.

The header you use is the first thing your prospect usually sees, and your ability to make it catchy would determine if your email would be opened or sidelined.

So if you want to succeed in your field, you must make your headers do the job perfectly. 

Round up Your Best Content, Send It As An Email

Rounding up your best content for the week and sending them to your email list is another strategy to succeed in this field.

You have to gather the content you posted for the week, check which is going so well with your audience, title each piece of content, and write a short description underneath it.

Then attach your email list and send it.

Always Survey Your Email For Feedback

As an email marketer, you can’t survive in the digital marketing world if you don’t check for feedback and complaints.

The feedback your customers send you goes a long way in making you know what content to share. 

You must get their feedback and know how well or badly your service or product is doing. Also, the complaints they send should be thoroughly taken care of.

If you cannot solve a customer’s problem, you will likely lose such a person to competitors.

A disgruntled customer kills a business way more than a satisfied customer builds it.

4. Ideas For Copywriting 

Copywriting is a very high on-demand job in the world of digital marketing.

It is a lucrative career opportunity with lots of things to write about.

Copywriters can utilize the following ideas:6

Research More

Research is a valuable tool, not just for copywriters but also for marketing agencies. You have to dig up more information about what you are writing.

The more information you have at your disposal, the more possibilities you can work on.

Put In Your Personality

Every brand has its voice, style, values, etc. You cannot use a particular brand’s personality to portray that of another.

Doing so would be a total disaster. 

Before you publish anything, be confident it demonstrates your brand clearly because a sharply built brand differentiates you from other competitors in the marketing world. 

Be Creative In Your Headline

The first section of your material is your headline; if it is useless, you will not be able to convert readers into customers.

With your headline, you not only have to give the readers benefit but also capture their emotions.

You must paint a vivid picture with your headline as it grabs your readers’ interest and stimulates their emotions.

Your headline should be presented in a way that provokes your readers’ self-interest, keeps them on their toes, and makes them want to read the body of the copy.

Keep your headline captivating, straightforward, not tricky and ambiguous.

Use headlines that get self-interest and not just provoke curiosity. 

Simplicity In Your Content

Simplifying your content doesn’t mean you should avoid the technical jargon or write to the comprehension level of a 5year old. 

It means keeping your message clear, concise, and straightforward so that your readers get the information you’re giving without going through a play of words. Your letter should strive to make them get the benefits of your products and understand your offer ASAP. 

Give Audience What They Want

As a copywriter, you cannot create desire, but you can only channel it

You have to make use of your creativity to achieve your goals.

Your ability to creatively make your audience relate to your words and get that feeling of satisfaction from reading your copy is essential. Great content gives your readers exactly what they want.

Write Visually Appealing Copies

Nowadays, the attention span of every online user keeps shrinking.

If your copy fails to be captivating enough, it won’t end up being unread and unshared.

Your copy has to possess eye appeal, which can be achieved by using a suitable font that is easy on the eyes and large enough to read, short paragraphs, text variety, headings and subheadings, visual cues, etc.

You need your copies to appeal to your reader’s senses, making them inviting because if it isn’t, no one will read your copy.

All these keep your audience engrossed from the start to the end.


As a digital marketer, your ability to go through practical ideas and keep up with evolving trends that would boost your chances of garnering more product attention is essential. Therefore, using new, creative ideas to capture your audience and deliver relevant content to them at every point of content consumption is crucial.