Make Money Online By Chatting

Make money online by chatting

Did you know that there is a possibility to make money online by chatting? You read that correctly.

You can make money online by chatting with people worldwide!

The internet has enabled anyone with a computer or smartphone to earn money from the comfort of their own home in today’s digital age.

I was unaware of this possibility, although it did not surprise me since you can generate income practically by doing anything online.

However, what stands out most about this form of monetization is its ease and the convenience of doing it from anywhere.

So, if you want to know more about how to make money online by chatting with strangers, stay with me for a while

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How To Make Money Online By Chatting

Make money online by chatting

You may doubt who would pay you to talk with other people.

The reality may surprise you because many companies require customer service or people dedicated to talking with others.

This business model is based on marketing or advertising, and conversations can range from emotional attention to simple friendship.

Now, the type of people with whom you will chat to get money is very varied, but the objective will always be to establish a conversation and meet the number of hours of chat per day.

Next, I will point out how to make money online by chatting.

Customer Service

The work is based on answering the questions made by the users and clients of the different companies that contract your attention services through the chat portal that you use to generate income.

In general, the platforms will provide you with a guide that includes answers to frequently asked questions, in addition to having access to a registration system and other regulations that may depend on the service and the company for which you work.

Social Chat

In the network, many people are interested in meeting others, so they use various chat platforms that allow them to have a quick process of social interaction.

Some of these pages even pay to chat with their users, and their main idea is to attract more people to their service.

Therefore they offer money to those who create interaction and traffic on their page.

Likewise, other platforms have a business model based on subscriptions; as a result, their users pay a certain amount to choose who they want to have a conversation with via chat.

Foreigners Interested In Learning New Languages

Many foreigners have the primary purpose of learning a new language, so they get help from tutors, online teachers, courses, or people who allow them to practice and correct this dialect and improve their writing or pronunciation.

Usually, these people value the time of others and pay to help them learn more about the language.

Still, if the communication is carried out through an intermediary web page, this one will pay you for giving your help—foreigners in their training process.

Emotional Support

Today many people seek emotional support from others and can even pay a certain amount for care and support.

Your job will be to listen to their problems, chat with them, and give them emotional support through the chat.

Consulting To Make Money Online By Chatting

You can advise others who want assistance online if you are a professional or have extensive knowledge in a high-demand sector.

Generally, many people pay to have conversations with true experts on different topics, such as personal relationships, coaching, programming, advertising, etc.

How Much You Can Make Online By Chatting

What you can make online by chatting can depend on many factors.

Some websites set hourly rates, while others pay a flat rate for everyone.

Also, you can get paid by the minute, hour, message, or rate, regardless of the time you spend chatting with someone.

So, you can earn at least $10 or 15 per hour.

Normally, the company establishes the rates, but other times, you indicate your price.

In conclusion, the more chat sessions you do, your income will increase.

What are you waiting for to start trying it right now?

Websites That Make Money Online By Chatting

Chat Center

Becoming a “Chatter” on this platform allows you to market your services to external businesses who use it and are looking to hire people with expertise in customer care, post-sale assistance, product sales, etc.

In other words, the platform is an intermediary between companies needing virtual workers and people with online skills who want to make money online by chatting professionally.

With all this, a more than exciting benefit is achieved for all parties involved.


Fiverr is an online marketplace where freelancers can sell their services to clients.

Create a profile, set your rate, and bid on projects to offer your chat services as a paid chat partner.

This website provides many ways to make extra money from clients worldwide, with getting paid to chat online being just one of thousands of side hustle opportunities available.

Chat Recruit

Chat Recruit was created in 2008 and headquartered in the United Kingdom.

Its primary function is to offer models and women worldwide the opportunity to start their businesses from home.

Of course, all for free and without any commitment.

The work can be done by phone, chat, or video call, which you can choose according to your tastes and needs.

Of course, you must consider that each means of communication has its remuneration, so the best thing to do is look at all of them and choose the ones that best suit you.

However, the average remuneration is usually around $2 per minute of communication, which is okay.

Payments are made by bank transfer once you have reached a minimum of $50 or €60 in your account balance.

In addition, you will receive $11 or €10 as a welcome gift on your first cashout.


FriendPC is a platform that aims to help people worldwide find friends to exchange text messages, make phone calls, play video games, etc.

In addition, it allows the possibility of earning money by publishing friendship booking services.

For example, imagine you are very good at playing video games and usually spend many hours a day sitting in front of your computer.

In that case, you could create a profile on FriendPC as a “Virtual Gamer” and offer your friendship service so that other people can play a particular game with you, teach them your best tricks and strategies, etc.

To do this, you must set a price for your services and wait for someone to send a reservation request to enjoy your company.

Curious. Right? The remuneration offered by the platform ranges from $10 to $50 per hour, so imagine what you can earn here.

Live World

Live World is a company that provides customer service and social media management for businesses.

They hire people to work as chat agents and train them for a fee.

Work from home and get paid to chat online with customers on behalf of businesses, providing customer service or other professional services based on each client’s needs.


This platform is very different from all the previous ones since it is focused on something other than the leisure and entertainment area but rather on a professional sector.

It is a website where specialists from multiple professions can help anyone who needs it with their knowledge through chat.

Veterinarians, mechanics, doctors, lawyers, computer scientists, and specialists can earn extra money helping to solve the doubts of thousands of people worldwide.

More than 11,900 professionals work for this company based in San Francisco, California (USA).

So if you are a certified specialist in any of the above professions, sign up for JustAnswer, try it, and see how it works.

In principle, the idea is great and offers an excellent opportunity to monetize your knowledge globally and efficiently.


Premium. Chat is a platform where individuals can charge for their chat services.

It’s simple to get started and chat your way to some extra cash, thanks to a simple and user-friendly interface. What’s more, the best part? You get to choose your working hours!

Can I Make Money Online By Chatting On WhatsApp?

Whether you manage a business or want to generate passive income, earning money with WhatsApp is feasible.

Although it is undeniable that this instant messaging service has become a great promotion and sales channel for many brands, businesses, and ventures.

Indeed, if you are an entrepreneur or manage a business, you must have a WhatsApp account to encourage conversions.

Make Money Online By Chatting On WhatsApp

Although direct monetization through WhatsApp has yet to be allowed, you must know that there are multiple strategies to generate money through this application that belongs to Facebook.

It is a matter of knowing them and making the most of them so that money constantly flows into your accounts.

Below you will learn six strategies to earn money with WhatsApp that have proven very effective.

They are very powerful for generating parallel or simultaneous income to your other sales strategies.

It will also serve you in case you manage a company.

WhatsApp Groups

The more contacts that are part of your WhatsApp groups, the better chances you will earn money online with affiliate marketing.

This business strategy compensates you for endorsing goods or services on your websites, blogs, and messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Sign up for the best and most lucrative affiliate programs available, obtain your affiliate links, and distribute them to your connections.

Your major responsibility will be to advertise specific products using links in your WhatsApp groups.

Then, for each sale that is carried out, thanks to your affiliate links, you will receive a commission.

Amazon Affiliates is one of the most lucrative programs in the world since it offers you up to 12% commission on some of its products.

Although if you live in Latin America, you should pay attention to all the benefits that Hotmart offers you since it is one of the most profitable on this continent.

Make Money Online By Chatting With WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is one of the largest promotion and sales channels within the business strategies of large companies worldwide.

Its effectiveness and conversion are very high because the attention and contact with potential customers are practically direct and personalized.

However, this job requires strategy, commitment, and dedication because it is carried out 24/7.

In this sense, brands must hire a specialist to manage their business WhatsApp professionally.

So, that’s where an opportunity to work online arises because you can offer your WhatsApp business account management services and help brands with the following:

Customer acquisition, customer support, sales, traffic to a blog or website, and promotion.

Although direct sales have yet to be made through this channel, you can use it to redirect quality traffic to alternate sites for your clients: Blogging, E-commerce, Web pages, etc.

You must design and execute a truly effective, sustainable, and efficient strategy that brings you closer to the business objectives.

If you need to know where to start or you need a stable portfolio of clients, you could rely on some remote work platforms, such as Freelancer or Fiverr.

Given that you may choose your work prices, this is one of the greatest ways to make money with WhatsApp, which is currently available.

Unlike the previous strategies, the payments or commissions depend explicitly on each site, service, or platform you work with.

App Download

Nowadays, many mobile app companies need to push their downloads actively.

Therefore, they quickly include this messaging channel in their branding or brand positioning strategies.

They invest money in promoting the app and encouraging its downloads among WhatsApp contacts.

This is a great idea to earn money with WhatsApp because you only have to promote the application in your groups or contact networks.

For each download made, you will benefit, and the best part is that you can promote as many apps as you consider profitable.


To make money online by chatting is a viable option for extra income or as a primary source of income.

It allows flexibility in terms of working hours and location.
Some platforms may also have gender requirements.

Before committing to making money online by chatting, as with any job, it is essential to research and selects a reputable platform.

Finally, enough effort and dedication can be a great way to supplement or earn a full-time income.

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