How To Get Digital Marketing Jobs

How To Get Digital Marketing Jobs

Getting a Digital Marketing Jobs can be the start of a tremendous career.

Working as a digital marketer or any of its related fields exposes you to many trends and techniques employed in fields within the digital marketing industry, which helps you gain professional knowledge to explore diverse opportunities. 

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How To Get Digital Marketing Jobs

When you examine the changes in this fast-paced business, you will see that the future of digital marketing is bright, as digital marketers’ job roles are always evolving and new platforms are being formed.

The dynamics in the digital marketing industry motivate digital managers to continuously be on the lookout for new trends and how these trends affect the execution of digital campaigns.

These changes have resulted in career advancement in the digital marketing industry.

If you wonder whether digital marketing is your job, you should read this further to discover for yourself.

Qualifications For Securing A Job In Digital Marketing

To secure a position in any industry, you must equip yourself with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform the job efficiently. 

Let’s consider below a few necessary qualifications needed to get a digital marketing jobs in the digital marketing industry.

1. Get Certified

While it is true that you do not need a college degree to work in digital marketing, it is also true that you must have appropriate knowledge of the subject. 

You can take numerous free and paid courses on digital marketing online, and getting certified in any of these courses might help you land a job.

Some clients or companies might want to see proof that you have proven your abilities by passing a recognized digital marketing course from a reputable source.

By getting certified, what you’ll learn isn’t limited to the skills and knowledge required to start a career in digital marketing; you will also understand the ethics that make up most digital marketing jobs.

Enrolling in courses gives you exposure, and you begin to consider the aspect of digital marketing to carve a niche.

Getting learned in a niche improves your employability skill and sets you on a path to a successful career as a freelancer or as an in-house worker.

2. Acquire Organisational Skills

To be a digital marketer, you should have good organizational and project management skills. You will constantly run numerous projects and campaigns as a marketer and must possess quality organizational skills.

Managing many digital initiatives can become complicated, and building a multichannel marketing strategy involves various methods that would prove efficient upon completion.

Digital marketers must also be project managers. 

Leading and directing teams to manage projects are examples of project management skills, and a digital marketer shouldn’t be found wanting.

When serving as a project manager while playing a digital marketing role, you should be able to divide complex tasks into manageable pieces.

3. Learn Design Skills

You might not necessarily know why but it’s essential to learn design skills as a digital marketer.

Some organizations might have an assigned designer, but in your career, you might not know where you would need to showcase or apply design skills.

A digital marketer will have to perform duties such as modifying photos for the company’s media posts or organizing layouts for newsletters.

Basic design abilities, such as managing information for easy comprehension, are instrumental in this situation. This frequently starts with an intuitive grasp of the user experience.

How To Get a Job in Digital Marketing 

1. Specialise In a Niche

To be your best in the digital marketing sector, while knowing a bit of everything is good, it’s advisable to find your specialty.

You have to discover an area where you can deliver results efficiently.

You could choose from Search engine optimization to email marketing and social media marketing, amongst others.

Direct your focus on an area in digital marketing that you know resonates with you and matches your skill and capabilities.

You need to find yourself, which will help you see the best fit department in the marketing field. 

You should maximize your skills for the growth of the organization and your personal growth.

Let’s say you’re a creative person; you might want to specialize in fields like content marketing which will let you bring your innate skills to life and input them into your work activities to bring out the best results.

Being able to niche down helps you focus on one thing and get the best out of practicing in that niche.

The simple secret here is to discover the thing that comes in handy and can enable you to deliver fast results.

Remember that it will help your career the quicker you produce results. It is one thing to specialize and have the necessary knowledge, and it’s another to demonstrate your expertise.

2. Build An Online Brand 

If you want to get a job in digital marketing, you shouldn’t ignore building your brand.

Your brand helps you get tons of experience because you can apply your knowledge and test your skills adequately.

Creating your digital brand enables you to gain confidence in yourself and your abilities. 

You can do this by creating your blog, setting up social media accounts, organizing ad campaigns to discover how effective your ad will be, creating a web presence, working on them, and growing your online presence.

Doing all these helps you have something tangible to demonstrate your skills and commitment to getting it right.

Creating your presence is also a way to gain relevant experience. You know something by doing it.

It helps you practice and discover the strategies that work and don’t.

Sometimes employers want to see a task you’ve executed, and this can be something tangible to show them. It shows growth and commitment. 

3. Get Professional Work Experience

You no longer have to sit and lament that no organization wants to take you in because you’re a newbie without work experience.

You can acquire relevant experience because of most organizations’ internship or volunteer opportunities. 

Some of these internship opportunities might be paid and some unpaid but either way, remember that the goal is to gain experience in an authentic marketing atmosphere.

As a beginner, it is pretty relevant to gain real-time experience in the digital marketing field. 

Start by sending out applications for internships or volunteer opportunities in the digital marketing department of organizations.

There are tons of organizations that are ready to take in interns or volunteers.

Fill up such positions when you come across them. 

Some organizations might not have those openings available.

You can still create an opportunity for yourself, letting them know how committed you are to the job.

Who knows, they might employ you. 

4. Emphasize Relevant Skills In Interviews

You’ve got all the experience to get you going, and you’re applying for a real-time job in the digital marketing field.

There’s something you need to know that most newbies do not know.

When applying for jobs and emphasizing your skills, it’s essential to know the skills listed out by the organization and relate your skills accordingly.

Highlight your applicable skills and ingenuity while conversing with interviewers, informing them about different tasks you’ve previously solved, and describe your previous triumphs to demonstrate the value you’ve added to your last digital marketing initiatives.

Interviewers of different organizations want to be sure that they are employing the services of the right person, and you need to showcase to them why they cannot afford to lose having you in their team.

You can only achieve this by expressing your expertise during interviews. 

5. Understand & Stay Updated With Trends

Digital marketing is an industry that is fast-moving and encounters frequent changes and evolving trends.

There are always new algorithms to learn, and if you want to stay at the forefront of the game, you must be updated about every change in the industry.

Whether negotiating with a client or attending an interview, knowing the latest trends and navigating campaigns to get the most out of that trend will place you in an excellent position to achieve success. 

You can get acquainted with industry changes by frequently and strategically sourcing relevant information in your field.

Signing up for digital marketing newsletters can be a great start, constantly consuming relevant social media feeds and using the full potential of search engines.

Let your employers know you understand marketing trends and how to navigate them to suit campaigns.

6. Network Strategically

Probably, you may not have thought about this, but if you’re someone who knows his onions, you will understand the power of networking.

If you must get into the digital marketing space, one way to get yourself out there is by networking with professionals of like minds in the industry. 

Aside from learning from your own experiences, you have much to learn from other people in the field.

Attend events organized by marketing departments of organizations or any social event that has several reputable digital marketers in attendance. 

Constantly search for events that are tech-specific and get your foot in.

From lessons taught in such events to the caliber of people you meet implies your career.

By networking, you can create meaningful connections or build friendships that can scale your career by assisting you in finding or securing opportunities in the industry.

 7. Create a Work Portfolio

Employers need to see evidence of previous jobs you’ve executed.

Beyond your ability to express your skills explicitly, a compilation of different periods when you’ve completed tasks in the past or played similar roles can help seal the deal faster.

Your portfolio can be in the form of a website or document that points out your professional experiences and accomplishments.

Most importantly, ensure that your resume is fine-tuned to suit the role you’re applying for.

Sometimes without professional work experience, your brand can serve this purpose. Getting this done will help employers or interviewers have confidence in your abilities.

4 Mistakes People Make When Applying For Digital Marketing Jobs

Below we examine common mistakes people make when applying for digital marketing jobs. They include:

1. Listing Irrelevant Jobs in Your Resume

When searching for entry-level positions in the digital sector, one of the biggest mistakes you’ll make is to include every job you have done in your resume, especially if they are unrelated to the job you’re applying for.

Your pure intention might be to show an employer your previous jobs, but including occupations unrelated to the one you’re going for can waste your efforts. 

Irrespective of what you’re applying for, your CV or resume should align with your skills and the job.

A strong resume will improve your chances of standing out and securing the job if you identify previous tasks and present skills relevant to the job you are applying for.

Organizations may look for individuals with diverse or specific skill sets as digital marketing jobs vary.

If you send documents that have nothing in common with what these employers are looking for, you deny yourself the chance of securing the job.

2. Failure To Conduct Research About Organization

Newbies seeking their way into the digital marketing industry often commit the error of not conducting proper research about companies or organizations before sending out applications.

They might be eager to send out job applications filled with their interest with little or no attention paid to the information about the organization.

You want your employer to know that you’re interested in what they do at the organization and that you’re willing to help them achieve their goals.

Failure to conduct adequate research about a company before an application is a major risk because the organization’s values and mission have to align with your personal and career interest.

Therefore, dedicate some time to get the necessary information about the company you intend to send out an application for a job role.

By doing so, you will learn exciting things about them to ascertain if the company is a great option to birth your career and discover if it’s the perfect and suitable company to help you accomplish your career goals. 

3. Backdated And Unprofessional Online Presence

Your online presence is the next thing that speaks for you aside from what your employers hear verbally.

Your social media accounts speak a language that portrays who you are to the outside world.

These people don’t know you personally, so the picture that gets into their head from what they see of you online is who they take you to be.

This is why your social presence is crucial.

You must pay attention to your online presence, ensuring that your outlined skills align with your personality on social media.

Companies that are very particular about their selection process will always look through the online profile of candidates.

Therefore, having a professional and up-to-date social media account that speaks well of your brand is mandatory.

You wouldn’t want to portray less of your client or interviewer’s imaginations about you.

Remember that most of the employers you will contact will likely search for you on different social media accounts.

4. Ignoring The Problems of Prospects

When applying for a digital marketing job, avoid being about yourself in your job application.

Instead, make it not about the company or client you intend to work for.

Don’t spend time discussing yourself and how you want to boost your career by joining the organization.

Doing that won’t interest your employer or client.

The right thing to do is know how you can help them solve their problems, show them the value you are offering at their table, and let them know the practical ways you can combine your skill to help them reach their organizational goal. 

Doing this will make them see you as someone who understands their pain points and can rescue them from the issues they have with marketing their brand.

At the end of negotiations with you, they should be leaving the discussion with the feeling that the success of their marketing depends on you because you’ve gotten them to trust you. 


Getting a job in digital marketing is not a difficult task.

With adequate preparation, the relevant skills, and the ability to sell yourself, you’ll be right where you want to be.

To keep up with the pace, the digital marketing space is prone to changes, and you should be up-to-date on the trends that are changing the narrative.

Without the proper skills, you won’t be able to place yourself as the savior a brand needs to deliver its message effectively—hence the need to acquire digital skills and market yourself appropriately.