Email For Marketing Example

Email For Marketing Example: Emails are powerful.

Especially those that show a company that has gone to great lengths to amaze us.

Every day, users’ inboxes are filled with emails from companies inviting them to try products, download ebooks and discover new features, among many other topics.

They all fight for users’ attention and achieve their goal: to sell.

For several years, email marketing has positioned itself as one of the most used resources by companies, so much so that marketing specialists claim it is the most effective channel for return on investment (ROI).

But what is it that makes an email message captivate the customer? Undoubtedly, creativity, innovation and customization are what make the difference.

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Email For Marketing Example

Email for marketing example

But for your email list to bear fruit, you must create attractive emails that fulfil their mission of qualifying leads, generating sales or the like.

Therefore, it is necessary to take care of its design and plan its element

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is an online spelling and grammar checker with a large and diverse prospective audience.

A little dry and not exactly the most promising starting point, right? No.

In 2017 they brilliantly played to their strengths.

They capitalized on the very Anglophone concept of “March Madness” with their play on the words “March Gladness” in their savings event, designed to increase premium subscriptions.

The clear call to action is supported by the simple, direct and easy-to-understand text.

This campaign is deceptively elegant in its minimalism, with a striking design built around a concept that reflects the time of year in a fun and engaging way.

This last fact is especially relevant because they are using English puns on a product that helps you improve your use of written language, something that will receive ironic appreciation from your audience.

We particularly like this campaign for its combination of simplicity and the appreciation it shows to your target audience.

2. Spotify

Spotify, the leading music streaming platform, is one of the experts in using targeted and personalized content in email marketing.

In late 2016 (and again in 2017 and 2018), they managed to engage their existing users brilliantly by sending out a highly personalized email promoting their personalized playlist individually.

The real genius was that the playlist comprised the user’s most played songs of the year.

Along with user-specific analytics showing them how they have engaged with Spotify throughout the year, helping the user learn what their best songs, artists, and genres were, among other things.

The most excellent touch of all comes with the campaign’s final call to action: access to your own very personal playlist.

Very elegantly, Spotify has taken the importance of personalization to heart with its Wrapped emails, a tactic that has consistently paid very high dividends in customer retention.

3. Medium

Many news sites fail to take advantage of email as a communication channel, so much so that they do not have a mailing list or a newsletter.

But with this email for marketing example, Medium proves that news sites can seduce their readers with engaging emails highlighting their content.

The medium does not send the same emails to everyone, which is important, but it does so based on the user’s interests and search or reading history on the platform.

That is, they use micro-segmentation to send more personalized emails.

Therefore, with a higher opening and click rate.

In addition to the most relevant elements to attract readers (title of the article, author, a brief introduction and an image), it adds reading time, a factor that mobilizes the action of users who know how much time they have to read a news item, a variable that they have indeed studied.

4. PayPal

Part of the Customer Experience is to guide users in their process of learning how to use your product.

That is why many financial services, SaaS, and B2B brands focus marketing strategies on showing their customers what they can do with the products or services they already enjoy.

The post-sale phase is also important to delight consumers who are more committed to your brand and who serve as its ambassadors.

This PayPal email is one of the best examples of email for marketing example.

Email marketing campaigns can also be used to notify users of important information.

In this case, the online payment business, PayPal, informs users with an active account that they must enter bank information to begin enjoying the benefits.

Why Does This Email For Marketing Example Work?

The well-known brand also makes use of personalization in email. In this case, it has a simple message accompanied by the corporate colors, and in three steps, it shows the user how to register an account.

If there are still questions, their customer service is available at the end of the image. It is comprehensive from start to finish.

5. Uber

But it’s not always necessary to grab users’ attention with something as detailed as the Spotify example.

Speaking directly from the start is also a great way to engage and motivate your audience. Take a look at this from Uber.

The message is unmistakable. The language is precise—the undeniable call to action.

It speaks to the essence of the Uber spirit. He’s busy, we understand, and we’re here to make things easy for him.

But by including the words “limited offer”, you also cleverly push the reader to click on that all-important CTA. Certainly smart.

6. GoDaddy

GoDaddy gives you an invitation you cannot refuse.

Email marketing is excellent for notifying your contacts that you are about to hold an event. In this example, GoDaddy tells its users that it will host a webinar about the benefits of professional email in business.

Why Does This Email For Marketing Work?

It is easy to understand.

From the beginning, you know the subject, a text explains why you should take the course, what you will learn, who will be the speaker, and a button that redirects you directly, so you do not miss the opportunity to reserve your place.

7. Samsung

A design that highlights the product.

Samsung does not miss the opportunity to show off its most excellent news and innovations.

A sober and elegant design highlights the characteristics of each of its products, inviting users to learn more about its tablets and fashion accessories. And why not? Also to buy one of them.

Why Does This Email For Marketing Work?

This email offers an elegant design: the photos are apparent, allowing the product to shine through the clever use of white space.

However, the opportunity is seized to communicate a reward through discounts to complete the purchase. It is an enticing message for every technology enthusiast.

8. Amazon

Amazon selects products according to a special date.

What Amazon knows how to do very well is to sell, and this example goes beyond the simple selection of the best sellers.

For a memorial days, such as International Women’s Day, she curated products from her catalogs that belong to women’s businesses.

Why Does This Email For Marketing Work?

The work behind this email is noticeable, from the information it contains to the illustrations.

It is not a simple email that only wants to sell for the sake of selling, but instead includes a positive message that seeks to boost the businesses.

9. Duolingo

Duolingo: a reminder to re-enter the app

Another fascinating example of email marketing is that of Duolingo, which uses email to promote the use of its app among users who have stopped using it.

In this language training company, they know that people are very inconsistent in learning English.

For that reason, they email those users who have stopped using the application and consuming new lessons.

In addition, the owl with the little tear generates closeness and connection with the email recipient.

Why Does This Email For Marketing Work?

An element to highlight within its composition is its characteristic owl, which this time has a tear to exemplify that the application misses your presence.

Additionally, its structure is quite simple. The elements that compose it are:

  • Presentation of the person who sends.
  • Reason for the mail.
  • A visual resource that supports the strategy’s and email’s goal.
  • Invitation message to continue using the product, highlighting the benefits and facilities of the product.
  • Call to action or CTA.

10. Hyundai

Hyundai falls in love from the sight.

Sometimes an image is worth a thousand words, and nothing is better than exploiting the visual value of your product.

Hyundai does this with professional photographs of its cars and good graphic design that helps it set itself apart from its competition.

Why Does This Email For Marketing Work?

Hyundai emails have professional images of their products and are always accompanied by exclusive offers and promotions.

Also, subject lines often include car prices and models to draw customers’ attention when they open your emails.

11. Shutterstock

Shutterstock adds urgency to their promotions.

How about a bit of pressure to take advantage of discounts?

If Shutterstock tells you that you only have 24 hours to download free images from its catalog, it is an opportunity you cannot miss.

Why Does this Email For Marketing Work?

In this example, the subject line is attractive and hard to resist.

And with a simple message and a captivating image of ice cream melting, simulating the time that runs to take advantage of the promotion makes the email even more suggestive.

These are just a few examples of email designs that are effective.

Take what you can adapt for your business email campaigns and run A/B tests to see what works with your audience.

Remember that another essential element to generating leads and closing sales is the design of landing pages, to which you will direct your audience from your email marketing campaigns.

Send emails with personalized offers, attractive designs, interesting offers, and outstanding CTAs to improve your results.


Email marketing is a great way to connect with your customers and keep them up-to-date on your company’s latest news, products, and services.

By sending personalized emails, you can create a relationship with your customers that can be valuable and long-lasting.

You must develop a strong email list to start email marketing campaigns successfully.

This can be done by email marketing software or by conducting an email campaign survey.

Once you have a list of interested customers, you can send them personalized emails.