Companies That Need Digital Marketing

Companies That Need Digital Marketing

 Companies That Need Digital Marketing: Every company is established for profit-making. 

Various marketing techniques are used to accomplish this. Traditional concepts of marketing, which have been used for several decades, have been very effective and efficient.

However, some of these methods have become too expensive for small businesses.

Moreover, the traditional marketing techniques have become localized and limited geographically hence the need for a more satisfying means of marketing.

The emergence of digital marketing seems to fill the vacuum created by traditional marketing systems.

In this article, we examine the companies that need digital marketing. 

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Companies That Need Digital Marketing

With the advancement in technology and the need to reach a global market at the click of a button, companies of all categories need digital marketing.

However, it appears that digital marketing may be more promising to small companies who leverage the cost-effective nature of digital marketing platforms to compete on the larger horizon.

Digital marketing methods seem to have influenced a company’s direct profitability and capacity to expand.

A brand’s potential to succeed is significantly limited if this type of advertising is not included in a larger messaging strategy.

A company’s growth potential is limited if it does not use digital marketing tactics. Digital marketing services can assist any company that wants to expand its online presence and attract more clients.

This is true for many companies, as more customers browse the internet to seek the products and services they need.

Any modernized brand wishing to succeed in today’s economic environment must incorporate digital marketing methods into its overall plan.

This doesn’t indicate that traditional print advertising isn’t still effective, especially if your company is already experiencing positive results from them.

Companies may engage in customization campaigns for optimal results by combining digital marketing approaches with their current traditional marketing efforts.

For example, eCommerce enterprises sell things over the internet and rely significantly on website traffic to succeed.

Ecommerce businesses can use digital marketing to expand their social media platforms, increase user engagement, and drive website traffic.

Although auto dealerships draw foot traffic, they also earn significant revenue through online searches.

Local dealerships will wish to appear in search results if a potential buyer searches for “auto dealerships near me” on Google.

Auto businesses can benefit from digital marketing, particularly SEO, to attract more clients through organic search.

Additionally, local search brings a lot of customers to restaurants and pubs. Through digital marketing, restaurants and bars may outclass their rivals and attract more consumers.

Also, hotels keep afloat by taking online and over-the-phone reservations from visitors looking for a place to stay in their neighborhood.

As a result, hoteliers and other accommodation providers rely on local search to bring in new customers.

These businesses can benefit from SEO, paid to advertise, and social media advertising to increase bookings.

Since the legal industry is so competitive, it can be difficult for law firms to stand out if they don’t have a solid digital marketing plan.

Law firms can increase traffic and customers to their websites by using SEO, lead generation, social media marketing, and other forms of online marketing.

The medical sector is undeniably competitive and demanding. Health care providers need to leverage digital marketing to attract patients consistently.

Even well-known hospitals and clinics require digital marketing to be found in local searches.

Artisans, craftsmen, plumbers, construction companies, and other businesses require digital marketing services.

You’ll struggle to get new jobs consistently if your competitors dominate the search results. Those who belong to this group should develop a complete digital marketing strategy.

Moving firms are highly localized and rely on local SEO to compete in local searches.

Optimizing your website for customized keywords, providing custom content, and optimizing your company’s local listings are all part of this form of digital marketing.

You’ll also need online marketing if you want to book additional moving jobs.

You don’t need a physical location to reap the benefits of internet marketing.

Digital marketing is also required for online service providers to remain competitive, stand out online, and attract new clients.

Marketing and SEO firms need digital marketing services to generate continuous traffic and leads.

Retailers are not left out in the run.

With several businesses transitioning to eCommerce (online selling), it’s becoming even more critical for retailers to have an excellent online presence, even if they have a physical location.

Retailers can use SEO, PPC, social media, and email marketing to increase foot traffic and online sales.

Companies That Make Use Of Digital Marketing Successfully

The companies that are in the limelight, taking massive advantage of the digital marketing include the following:

  • HubSpot
  • Airbnb
  • Constant Contact
  • Yelp
  • Zappos
  • Mint
  • JetBlue
  • Wirecutter
  • American Express
  • Dollar shave club
  • Slack
  • Master card
  • Uniqlo


Companies That Need Digital Marketing

HubSpot is a software company based in the United States specializing in inbound marketing, sales, and customer care.

Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah established Hubspot in 2006.

At Hubspot, marketing, sales, customer service, operations, and CRM software are combined into one platform to empower your team and help your business flourish.

Every day, HubSpot publishes a large amount of free content.

Every day, they publish a few articles on their blog, do webinars, and create free tools like Website Grader and Marketing Grader (which have merged into one tool).

According to Mike Volpe, Chief Marketing Officer, the website grader has been one of HubSpot’s most popular tools. It evaluated approximately 2 million websites in three years.

HubSpot believes that creating content and driving traffic to your website through it will generate more high-quality leads at a lower cost than traditional outbound marketing.


Companies That Need Digital Marketing

Airbnb is a website that links people who wish to rent out their homes with others looking for places to stay in specific areas.

The concept underlying Airbnb involves: finding an avenue for locals to earn additional cash by renting out their spare rooms or home to visitors.

Hosts that use this platform can market their rentals to millions of individuals worldwide while also knowing that a large corporation will manage payments and provide help if needed.

For guests, Airbnb may provide a welcoming environment with more personality, possibly even a kitchen to prevent eating out, and at a lower cost than hotels.

Airbnb has been highly successful for various reasons, not the least of which is its website design. Given Airbnb’s rapid expansion, its marketing plan has played a critical role in its success.

It is one of those companies that has mastered the art of marketing. They’ve devised a strategy for attracting new users while retaining existing ones.

Offline marketing, blogging, referral programs, and other tactics are part of Airbnb’s marketing strategy.

Constant Contact

Companies That Need Digital Marketing

Constant Contact is a digital marketing firm based in Waltham, Massachusetts.

It has offices in Loveland, Colorado, and New York. Randy Parker created the company in 1995. The company was later sold to Endurance International in 2015.

With Constant Contact, one can design efficient email marketing and other online marketing campaigns to fulfill business goals.

Customers can choose from over 400 hundred templates for various types of messages at Constant Contact.

They are grouped into categories on its website, so you can find a template for the type of newsletter you want to create.

Welcome emails, instructional messages, seasonal greetings, and overall business promotion templates are just a few examples.


Companies That Need Digital Marketing

Russel Simmons and Jeremy Stoppelman established Yelp in 2004.

It is one of America’s largest local online review sites. and the Yelp mobile app are Yelp’s primary web services.

Yelp makes use of three services to generate income. They are; Advertising, transactions, and data licensing.

Businesses of all sizes can use Yelp’s free and paid advertising offerings. These products can target huge local audiences with targeted search advertising.

Revenue from business listings and advertising items, including advertising offered by partners, is classified as advertising revenue by Yelp.

Yelp’s advertising revenue provides for 96 percent of its total revenue.


Companies That Need Digital Marketing

Embrace social media for marketing and social e-commerce purposes. It has assumed the role of leader.

Their social media strategy is centered on their company website and powerful social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok.

Zappos has 2,173,050 Facebook fans, more than 63.6K Twitter followers, and a massive 29.3K Pinterest followers with 56.7 likes on its board.

More than 75.1 million people follow you on Instagram.

Zappos’ YouTube channel has roughly 5,932 subscribers. It also has a Google Plus account with over 226 thousand followers.


Companies That Need Digital Marketing

Mint was first released in September of 2007. Intuit purchased mint for $170 million in November 2009.

At the time, Mint had over 1 million users and added a few thousand daily. Mint now has over 10 million subscribers after four years.

Mint works by bringing together all facets of a person’s money in one place. Mint users can link their bank accounts to their Mint accounts.

Mint then receives financial data as transactions occur and generates customizable reports. Investments, credit cards, and other financial statements are the same procedure.

Users can track real estate values by entering information about their own homes.
Mint makes it simple for consumers to see all their bills and money in one spot.

This allows users to build and maintain budgets while offering a mechanism to receive alerts for various types of account activity.

To earn advertising money, Mint monetizes its free product by advertising various portions of its website and app.

Companies can buy advertising space on Mint’s numerous platforms for a charge.

Because prior search history and components of the user’s profile are included in the contextual ad displays, users may perceive the advertisements as relevant.

Additionally, Mint makes money by referring customers to financial institutions, products, and credit cards.

Mint’s “Ways to Save” service provides financial options that may benefit customers. Mint receives a referral payment from the referred company when a customer follows Mint’s advice.

Mint, for example, frequently suggests credit cards based on their APRs and rewards points. Mint earns money when someone signs up for a credit card through their website.


Companies That Need Digital Marketing

JetBlue promotes itself using various marketing methods, including digital media, print, magazines, television commercials, and online services like Hulu and YouTube.

JetBlue’s commercials claim inexpensive fares and attractive phrases and slogans.

Above all, they provide exceptional customer service, and promotional offers such as free and limitless snack options only enhance the brand’s reputation.


The New York Times Company bought The Wirecutter in October 2016 after it was started in September 2011.

Subscriptions and affiliate marketing schemes are how the company makes money.

This means they may be compensated for purchases made through their connections to retailer websites.

However, they make product recommendations based on their research, analysis, interviews, and testing.

They have no motive to choose lesser items or give in to producer pressure.

On the contrary, If a reader returns a product because they were unsatisfied with it or because the suggestion was poor, the affiliate commission is forfeited.

American Express (Amex)

Companies That Need Digital Marketing

The branding strategy plays a vital role in American Express’s promotional approach.

The American Express card is a unique privilege that is not available to everyone.

Amex sells its items through its associate banks, financial institutions, and promotional and advertising efforts.

Digital media and marketing are equally crucial components of a company’s marketing strategy.

The company also uses point-of-sale marketing for advertising its products and brands.

An intelligent promotional method is to use a membership rewards system. In 2015, it spent $3,650 million on marketing and promotion, up to $541 million or 17% over the previous year.

Amex frequently uses social media to communicate with customers and promote its products and brand to expand its visibility and impact.

It has over 1000 videos on YouTube and has over 16 thousand subscribers. It has more than 7 million Facebook followers as well.

As a result of a solid social media strategy, the brand maintains Contact with its followers.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club identified consumer inconveniences where men had to pick between high-tech razors and low-cost, low-functionality razors when it came to shaving.

DSC changed this by offering a complete customer experience with low-cost shaving products. DSC established its online store in 2012, swiftly disrupting the pricey men’s razor blades market.

It bought its supplies in bulk from wholesalers, bypassed the usual physical retail route, and sold razors and blades at a lower cost online.

DSC placed a lot of emphasis on the web marketing to replace the lost middleman’s reach.

Its popular introduction video featured founder Michael Dubin, demonstrating the brand’s sense of humor.

Each delivery is accompanied by editorial content, which is frequently funny. Unilever paid roughly $1 billion to buy the company in 2016.


Stewart Butterfield, a co-founder of the photo-sharing website Flickr, founded Slack in 2013.

Clickup is one of over 1,000 Slack integrations.

The company leverages these connections to drive referral traffic to its website and capitalize on the popularity of these integrations by ensuring that it appears on the first page of search results whenever someone searches for a product with which Slack works.

Master Card

Master Card offers a wide range of products and services, including consumer credit and charge, debit, commercial, and prepaid services and cards.

Loyalty & rewards, Mastercard advisory services, processing, and safety & security services are among the value-added products and services available.

It collaborates closely with over 25000 financial institutions worldwide, allowing it to appear on more than 1600 million cards in December 2016.


Uniqlo places a premium on clothes design and innovation, as well as the brand’s unique utilitarian performance.

Customers will enjoy a better shopping experience due to the brand’s exceptional store management and design, a pleasant personnel culture, and in-store technology, including video lessons demonstrating product designs.

The firm appears to invest in technology not only for product development but also for digital marketing strategies.

UNIQLO developed the world’s first ‘fast-moving pictures’ campaign a few years ago to raise awareness for the HEATTECH line.


Every aspiring company that aims for speed, progress, and success in this rapidly growing digital market must leverage the wings of digital marketing to do so.