Cold Calling Vs Digital Marketing

Cold Calling Vs Digital Marketing

Yes, you heard the term right, “Cold Calling Vs Digital Marketing” or maybe, the term sounds strange to you.

Well, apart from digital marketing or other marketing techniques you might have heard of, one method businesses have used over the years to reach prospects is cold calling. 

A business uses cold calling, phoning individuals without prior permission to inform them about the services or products they offer for immediate or future patronage. 

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Cold Calling Vs Digital Marketing

With the development in technology, marketing products and services can now be done over the internet, which assists them in connecting and engaging with a broader audience than traditional methods would have made possible.

In the light of changes in trends, some people query the existence of Cold Calling is an old marketing technique that neither proves efficient nor helps in achieving business growth.

We hope to find out whether this assertion is true or false in this article.

What Is Cold Calling

Cold calling is a marketing method employed by salespersons to contact people who have not shown prior interest in purchasing a product or paying for a service.

It is an over-the-phone interaction that is spontaneous to the receiver to make a sales offer to them.

Cold calling doesn’t necessarily mean that all interactions are done over the phone.

Sometimes, it can include door-to-door visits by salespeople. Cold calling is mainly done without the permission of the prospect. 

The tactic is employed to persuade a prospective buyer to take the desired action, such as buying a product or hiring a service.

The process of cold calling requires talking to a lot of strangers with the hope of getting them interested in an offer. 

Yes, it deals with communicating with many strangers because most times, the customers have not spoken with the salesperson.

It is commonly referred to as an over-the-phone technique, making it a telemarketing source, although it can also be done in person by door-to-door salesmen. 

In business, making cold calls can be an effective strategy, but it’s also something scammers can use to their advantage.

Marketing and sales professionals get contact information for cold calling through methods like looking for and putting together information from public data and obtaining call lists from list vendors. 

Most times, cold calling is faced with a negative response from prospects who question the technique’s usefulness.

Even though it is sometimes met with backlash, it is also an effective means of marketing that cannot be denied.

If it weren’t adequate, no one would consider adopting that tactic.

Marketing using this method has proven quite a compelling and legitimate business tool, though scammers have found ways to rid people of their fortune by posing as salespersons. 

Startups are after inexpensive techniques for marketing, and cold calling can be pretty handy to enable them to generate leads and spread their brand message.

Scope Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is essential for business growth and a successful career path.

You will need a solid digital marketing plan to link your marketing activities with business objectives.

Across different online channels, your brand message should be bold, clear, and concise enough to speak to prospects’ minds.

Advertising and business promotion using digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps, amongst others, is referred to as digital marketing.

To survive in the digital marketplace, businesses must take advantage of the benefits of Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, etc.

Organisations utilise digital marketing in endorsing goods and services, and consumers who are aware of online marketing largely depend on digital tools to conduct product research.

To conduct effective marketing online, you must define the marketing objectives you intend to accomplish through digital marketing ranging from enhancing brand exposure to increasing revenue, among other possibilities.

After setting your marketing objectives, the following action is to decide which online marketing channels will effectively assist you in reaching your objectives.

Next is to formulate a plan that specifies your target audience, marketing budget, performance measures, and other relevant information that will assist run a successful campaign.

Because the field of digital marketing has been focused on achieving results, the experts who excel in this space are those who are both energetic and innovative.

Advantages Of Cold Calling

1. Know Your Prospects

Before making a cold call, neither the salesperson nor the prospect knows anything about themselves.

Still, at the point of a cold call and subsequent calls, they learn more about themselves, and the salesperson discovers how best to sell his offer according to a prospect’s needs, having conversed with them directly.

Through Cold Calls, businesses can learn the exact needs of their target and adjust accordingly to their demands.

This marketing method relieves the salesperson of the stress of trying to figure out what the target audience might need because he instead calls them over the phone or gets at their doorstep to learn what they need.

To be more successful at cold calling, you shouldn’t pressure the prospect to buy your idea but rather briefly make them understand how they can’t afford to live without the offer.

Even if they are disinterested, how you converse with them can relax their muscles and open up to subsequent follow-up. Find a solution to the prospect’s problem and sell your way in.

2. Provides Business Insight

It is inevitable that sometimes, the strategies you’ve applied to upscale your business are not functioning as intended, and you need possible insight from your users.

The best way to get direct answers from clients is by placing a call across to them to make inquiries and understand your product or service.

You can conduct a campaign solely to collect customer feedback to detect why you aren’t getting the expected results.

By reaching out, respondents can provide you with the wealth of information and possible solutions you need to adjust and market yourself better to improve sales. 

Engaging in cold calling helps you right the wrong steps you’ve been taking, and it is effective because you get to hear directly from the users of your product or service rather than from your inference.

3. Cost-Effective Strategy

You’re in luck if you’re looking for the most cost-effective way to increase sales and introduce your products and services.

Being less expensive is one of the advantages of cold calling. Though you’ll still have to pay for calls and software, it’ll be less costly than other options.

Using this strategy is relatively less stressful and doesn’t require many technicalities.

You only need a device for contacting clients with a proper understanding of your company and its products or services.

A unique benefit of cold calling is that it allows prompt response from prospects.

Getting the required feedback or opinion from prospects is easy because it is done over the call and right on the spot, unlike in digital means where prospects can respond whenever they deem it fit and, most times, may not end up responding.

4. Elicits Prompt Response

People tend to leave messages unresponded to, leaving brands hanging on the information they look forward to receiving from existing or new customers.

People tend to respond more to calls than messages, and since cold calling enables this, it increases the chance of being able to speak directly with prospects and gain their feedback about your offer.

Your responses from engaging your prospects can help you know where to adjust rightly and how to serve them better.

5. Enables Remote Working

Cold Calling, as the name implies, is a telemarketing technique that means that your physical presence doesn’t matter.

As a marketer using this technique, you can make your offer over the phone and get feedback from a phone conversation. 

Engaging in this marketing technique can be done anywhere, from your home, by the roadside, at the mall, just anywhere, as long as you can comfortably speak to your prospect and pass the relevant message.

Since one’s physical presence isn’t mandatory, it’s easy to broaden your business reach beyond borders because it is not confirmed to a particular location.

Cold calls allow businesses or salespersons to spread their arms on the horizon.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing undeniably has so many benefits enjoyed by the organisation using the technique for marketing. Briefly, let’s examine some advantages of digital marketing.

They are outlined below:

  • Digital marketing helps a business reach its goals by connecting the business to a large mass audience.
  • Digital marketing is a less expensive form of marketing because it requires securing a space on online platforms and spending less to access the use of some software.
  • The conversion rate using digital marketing methods is high because it is targeted in nature. With digital marketing, a business can connect with only a specific community that the product or service in the promotion can help solve their problems.
  • Campaign performance is efficient because results can be tracked and measured to determine a campaign’s success and to tweak tactics where necessary.

Disadvantages Of Cold Calling

Cold Calling has some drawbacks attached to it.

They are listed below:

  • Cold Calling is intrusive as the individual being reached out to receives the call and is queried without due permission from them.
  • Cold Calling has a bad impression that can harm your company’s reputation if done inappropriately.
  • Customer lists can be expensive.
  • Cold calling can be disliked by prospects, especially when calls to prospects are made at inappropriate hours.
  • Cold calling consumes time because it is a one-on-one marketing technique.

Disadvantages Of Digital Marketing

Apart from having numerous benefits, digital marketing also has its downsides. They include:

  • It requires expertise and professional skills, including digital technologies susceptible to changes, and sometimes experienced hands might be unavailable.
  • Digital marketing is a highly competitive form of marketing because businesses have to strive to gain the attention of prospects.
  • Digital marketing relies heavily on technology and internet networks; in some cases, network failures or technological breakdowns might occur, leading to delays.
  • Sometimes, investing in relevant software might be expensive.
  • There are strict regulations on privacy as it involves customer data.

Having examined some pros and cons of Cold Calling and Digital Marketing, let’s explore the benefits of adopting both marketing techniques in your campaign strategy. They are discussed below:

Benefits Of Combining Cold Calling Vs Digital Marketing Techniques 

You might wonder if cold calling still works in this era.

Most people believe that calling prospects can never be a smart move nor provide efficient results, but what might not seem to work for a particular business might prove effective for another.

When used with digital marketing methods, cold calling is pretty effective and assists a brand in reaching its marketing goals.

Constantly attracting prospects and eventually converting them into paying customers requires a pull of effort from marketing experts who are well versed in handling Cold Call techniques while maximizing digital marketing efforts.

Employing digital marketing might not work for all businesses, and neither will Cold Calling.

To run marketing campaigns and produce efficient results, some businesses either use stand-alone techniques or combine different methods.

Merging both techniques might not be easy, but when managed and employed appropriately, it produces efficient results as they individually work within their unique capacities to reach prospects.

Moving further, let’s analyse the possible benefits of combining both strategies:

Digital Marketing Enables Data Collection, and Cold Calling Helps Assimilate Wants.

Before any digital marketing campaign sets off, marketers create a model, that is, a buyer persona and gather likely information on what their problems could be, and offer a solution in the form of a product or service to solve these problems.

While digital marketing helps acquire information about the tragic audience, cold calling helps understand their needs.

Through cold calling, you go beyond an imaginary model and reach out to the specific group to hear directly from them.

Organisations must pay attention to what their potential consumers say online.

Through the information you’re able to gather online, as well as those assembled from using the cold calling technique, marketers are in a position to understand their prospects better and work strategically to solve their problems.

Digital Marketing Reaches Prospects, & Cold Calling Establishes a Relationship

Cold calling and digital marketing can be combined to produce excellent marketing results.

Though they are distinct marketing methods, they unquestionably augment each other when used correctly.

Marketers are known for using digital marketing to reach a more significant number of prospects. 

Cold calling is saddled with the function of establishing close contact and building a relationship with these prospects.

To achieve more substantial lead generation, both techniques should be used together.

Cold calling and digital marketing can complement one another to produce a comprehensive strategy that increases sales.

The above explanation means that after identifying the target market through the help of digital marketing, you should take it beyond just knowing who your prospects are and look towards building personal connections with them.

If you can close relationships with prospects, calling them wouldn’t be a big deal because you have first connected online, so following up through subsequent calls would not be a problem.

Doing this will gradually make them gain trust in you, and as time progresses, they will eventually buy into your idea.

Digital Marketing Addresses Opportunities Disclosed by Cold Calling

Another benefit of merging cold calling and digital marketing techniques is that one helps you discover opportunities and addresses problems disclosed by the other.

Cold Calling exposes the issues of existing or new clients while digital marketing provides the solution.

When appropriate questions are solicited over a call, prospects provide helpful insights they would not otherwise divulge online.

As a result, Cold Calling is an excellent technique to find opportunities to help you efficiently produce more leads and solve more problems by selling your offer.

As a marketer, your level of success can only be determined when your campaign is pointed at finding the same challenges people face and providing relevant solutions accordingly.

You can only discover their problems when you’re aware of their daily routines to know which aspects give them a tough time.

You can provide digital solutions by sharing the needed insight across your social media platforms, and personalising solutions through emails, and websites, among others.


Technology is dynamic, and with the constant change in trends, there is every need for a business to employ creative strategies to beat the market competition.

Organisations need to master different marketing techniques to win from both ends.

Marketers must embrace multi-dimensional strategies while running marketing campaigns for brand or product promotion to fully grasp the promise of new digital technologies, move leads along the sales funnel, and eventually convert buyers.