Best Digital Marketing Resume

best digital marketing resume

A Best Digital Marketing Resume is a formal document showing a person’s career background and skills. Usually, it is created to help a candidate land a new job.

A traditional resume usually consists of a professional summary, education section, and work history.

A digital marketing resume is used to land a job as a digital marketer.

It can be an SEO expert, a content creator, social media manager, a copywriter, etc.

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Tricks To Writing A Perfect Resume

best digital marketing resume

Digital marketing is a broad area.

Your resume would be more effective if you specialize in one or more areas like content writing, email marketing, UI/UX, analytics, etc.

It is tough writing a digital marketing resume. There are a lot of marketers on the internet, and sometimes, hiring managers want to hire only one person.

Many resumes won’t make it to the interview because they lack focus, impact, or both. The following are tricks to writing a perfect resume:

1. Use Targeted Digital Marketing Resume

A targeted resume forces you to research the company and then use it to frame your experience. Tailoring your resume to the job proves you are the right individual to be hired.

You have to read about the company, study their most active marketing channels, check out other jobs they published, and find what they need the most with digital marketing and how you can help them solve their imminent problem.

2. Numbers

In marketing, it is easy to find numbers, but recruiters usually pick results that matter.

You need to review your digital marketing position’s resume and find what numbers paint you a beautiful performer and what numbers have no value.

Your ability to show your previous works in numbers, i.e., how you were able to deliver to your past clients and present it in numbers or percentages, proves to the recruiter that you know what you are doing and that you can also be of help to them.

3. Use Resume Formats Or Layouts

Using resume formats or layouts guides the recruiter’s attention to your strengths.

Use headers, bullet points, and custom sections to make your resume easy to scan. You can also highlight your results with bold text.

There are two resume layouts to consider depending on the amount of digital marketing experience you have. They are:

  • Functional Layout: A functional layout is used if you don’t have much digital marketing experience. It emphasizes your skills over your work experience.
  • Reverse Chronological Layout: This is meant for digital marketers with much experience in digital marketing. It emphasizes work experience. You can still add sections for your skills, but your work experience should be the main focus.

How To Create Best Digital Marketing Resume That Sells

More than 100 individuals apply for every job posted publicly, and only 20% are called for an interview.

Judging from this circumstance, your resume should be an essential tool if you want to succeed in your digital marketing career.

Applying for a new job is burdensome even for the most qualified candidates. The following are steps to follow to produce a perfect resume. They include:

1. Think Like An employer

When you want to create a resume, your first thought should be on how to present yourself as the most qualified candidate for that particular job listing, showcasing your skills and qualifications.

A digital marketer knows that an effective digital campaign is tailored to meet the audience’s needs and a good resume is no different.

Before saying a single word, consider the position you are applying for and the organization in question.

Ask yourself relevant questions like;

  • What are their key philosophies and principles?
  • What industries do they operate under?
  • What are their distinct selling points?
  • What are their challenges?
  • How am I going to help solve their problem?

The more you can answer these questions, the more you can write a resume that would be effective and prove to be the best among others.

2. Produce Multiple Versions of Your Resume

Doing this might seem very tedious, but little adjustments per resume would enable you to create a perfect and suitable resume. 

When you do this, you can personalize your resume for each job.

For instance, if you are applying for three jobs, the three different firms may have additional specific needs that they want their applicants to solve.

If you submit the same resume to these three organizations, there is every tendency you would not be able to highlight how you would solve their problem effectively.

Instead, creating distinct resumes for each job listing puts you in a better position to develop resumes suitable for each job listing.

You can elucidate your skills and qualifications and how they can help the organization achieve its goals.

3. Showcase Your Practical Skills

It is often challenging to determine a candidate’s digital skills.

But if you can spell out your skills for the hiring manager, you might be able to give yourself a competitive advantage over other applicants.

One of the effective ways of placing your skills above other digital marketers is with an internationally recognized and respected qualification.

Improving employee learning is among the top three priorities of business enterprises.

Demonstrating your commitment to continuous development and education makes employers value you as a motivated and competent individual. 

Provide practical examples of your abilities in action.

This can be in managing a significant project, conceiving ideas that helped a firm grow, or if you were part of a successful digital marketing campaign.

If the results are available in numbers, fix it in your resume so that your recruiter can easily decipher how you were able to impact an organization positively, thereby maximizing your chances of being called for an interview and progressing to the next level.

4. Outline Your Uniqueness 

Providing practical examples of your work sets you higher above other competitors.

You have to extend this concept by finding different opportunities to demonstrate your unique values to the recruiter and, that way, differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Most employees don’t go beyond listing their previous positions and critical responsibilities without thinking of showing what makes them unique.

It would help to ask yourself what you can offer your employer that your rivals cannot.

For example, you might be proficient in two or more languages.

Though the job listing might not state it, in the long run, your multilingualism can be of massive use to the firm, especially when trying to infiltrate new markets or regions. 

An organization can also be looking for someone with experience in conversion rate optimization.

If you can list it amongst your skills, you would possess more advantages than an applicant who cannot provide applicable talents.

Sections To Include In Your Best Digital Marketing Resume

You are about to write a resume for a job description, whether SEO or content creation, and you have all it takes to be in the place they have been looking to fill.

You have to market yourself to the firm that you are capable of delivering to their satisfaction. 

Your resume must first make an impression on the hirer before being hired.

The following are sections you have to include to present your resume as top-notch:

1. Digital Marketing Resume Header

Whenever a recruiter is looking through a stack of resumes, the first part that usually catches their eye is the header.

Traditionally, it is just your name and contact information, but there are a few tricks that can make it way more significant.

Firstly, include one or two certifications next to your name to show that you are more qualified without diving into your experience.

Secondly, add links to your social media accounts or some professional sites.

This is useful if you are active on LinkedIn, Quora, or anywhere you talk about digital marketing.

These two tricks turn a modest header into one that says, ‘I am certified, confident, and proud of my work.’

2. Digital Marketing Resume Summary

A short resume summary or objective is a great place to describe who you are and where your skills in digital marketing lie.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your writing abilities.

You must keep it brief and concentrate on describing why you are a good candidate for that specific job and not a good digital marketer. 

You have to be specific in your summary.

It should not be vague and irrelevant. It should give the hiring manager valuable information and not waste their time.

Hiring managers want to see that you have experience in the right places and can get the results. 

3. Digital Marketing Experience

Adding a work experience that sells is an effective method of ensuring you get hired.

Tailor your resume specifically to the job ad.

What Agency A expects from you might differ from what Agency B expects.

Your work experience is meant to show above every other thing that you’ve got.

You have to be precise about what you did and the results.

Listing your responsibilities doesn’t divulge a piece of important information to the recruiter.

As a rookie, you can also get hired without any prior experience. 

You don’t have to be put off by job offers that require years of experience.

There are many ways to show the recruiter that you have the necessary skills for an entry-level digital marketing job, even without formal expertise.

You must show the hiring manager that you are self-motivated through certifications, volunteering, side projects, etc.

4. Digital Marketing Certifications

You will see certifications always being spoken about by reading guidance from developed digital marketers.

Certificates are the easiest of ways to stand out among the competition, show off your skills and become a competent digital marketer without formal work experience.

Also, digital marketers are project managers.

So if you have project management certifications, you can include them in your resume.

The credentials that can make the most difference include Google Analytics, Google’s Digital Garage, Hootsuite Social Media Certifications, etc. 

5. Mention Your Education 

When writing an ad creator resume or a digital strategist resume, including your education would get you further in the hiring rank.

A bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, or advertising is highly recommended in digital marketing.

If you have relevant coursework in these areas, you can also include it.

Include education pertinent to your particular line of employment and not marketing as a whole.

Digital marketing is broad, and there are chances you would specialize in a few areas.

You can include your high school diploma if that is your only thing.

But if you already have a university degree, you might not want to add your high school diploma.

6. Include Your Skills In Your Resume

If you want to achieve premium success with your resume, you need to add your skills.

You have to show your hirer that you possess the necessary skills they are looking for.

Assuming you don’t know what marketing skills to include, you must list basic digital marketing skills.

Have both hard and soft skills but don’t confuse them.

Your hard skills are abilities you have been able to learn, while your soft skills are the character traits you have been able to develop your entire life, e.g., personal relation skills.

Some skills you can include in your digital marketing resume are:

  • Hard skills: These include Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Analytics Skills, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), etc.
  • Soft skills: These include time management, communication skills, creative skills, organizational skills, accountability, result orientation, etc.

The skills listed above are effective in landing you a job. However, cramming your resume with any skill you think is relevant would end up being not just a waste of time to the hirer but to you as well.

Before you fill your resume with skills, you must go back to the job description and understand the relevant skills that apply to the job.

Most times, adding skills irrelevant to the job shows the recruiter that you didn’t go through the job description properly. 

When you read a job description correctly, you will find out what skills they want you to possess, and you can then optimize your digital marketing resume to satisfy their needs. 

7. Use The Right Keywords

Another thing you have to do when creating a resume is to butter up the ATS, which is like the search engine in SEO.

The Applicant Tracking System is a tool used by large digital marketing agencies to deal with the vast amount of resumes they receive daily.

The HR scans a resume into the system, then search for a specific resume keyword and gets a score based on your match.

You have to use keywords that the job description mentions. You must write them so the system can rank you higher.

There are also other sections that, when added to your resume, can help you land the job as it flatters the hirer. They include the following:

  • Volunteer Work: If you don’t have digital marketing experience, adding jobs done for free is an effective tool for use. Just keep in mind to stay on topic with the job posting.
  • Language: Being proficient in another language is a plus for digital marketers. Mastery of another language gives you a competitive advantage over other digital marketers.
  • Hobbies and Interests: Adding relevant hobbies to your digital marketing resume helps say you are marketing without saying it. Hobbies like lifestyle blogging are relevant to digital marketing and help prove that you are competent enough to be given the job.

8. Write A Digital Marketing Cover Letter

Without a cover letter, your digital marketing resume would be incomplete.

Since many employers think a CV alone won’t get you the job you want.

Give your cover letter a compelling header, a body that justifies you as the perfect candidate, and present to the firm that you want to work with them. 


When looking for a new job, find one whose culture you can adapt and fit into properly.

Employees who do well within their organizations enjoy greater job satisfaction and show more work superiority.

As a digital marketer seeking an opportunity in a particular firm, it is one thing to write a resume and another to write a resume that would land you a job.

Writing a vague resume would waste your time and that of the recruiter.

Avoid ambiguous language as much as possible; be transparent and show consciousness.

Also, endeavour to promote yourself to the firm, showcasing how you can help them by applying your skills and certifications.

A good resume would aid you in searching for a new digital marketing job.