Best Digital Marketing Certifications

Best Digital Marketing Certifications

Best Digital Marketing Certifications: Digital Marketing increasingly acquires a more fundamental and central role in the marketing scenario of companies and freelancers.

This has also increased the demand for free digital marketing certifications.

However, sometimes professionals who have the necessary skills in the field of Digital Marketing are not available.

For this reason, brands and companies offer attractive and competitive salaries that allow them to attract trained professionals.

In this sense, professionals who work in the digital sector have an opportunity that they should take advantage of.

Therefore, the Free Digital Marketing Certifications will help you better prepare and further your education.

This way, you can pursue your career more freely and manage your work and time independently.

Are you considering establishing a new career to change your life?

If you are still unsure whether the Free Digital Marketing Certifications are the best option, consider the following benefits.

A certificate program might be a good fit for you if you are looking to develop modern skills that can be applied in the workplace.

Certificates can be customized and can increase your expertise in a certain area.

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What Is A Certification In Digital Marketing?

Free Digital Marketing Certifications are programs for students to learn practical marketing skills.

This detailed knowledge will help them develop, implement, and maintain successful digital marketing strategies.

In addition, they will learn classic and interactive marketing tools, mobile technologies, search engine optimization, and the legal framework that applies to those methods.

The courses generally include learning Digital Marketing methods, metrics to determine the best strategies to implement and tools to quantify the success of marketing campaigns.

In a Digital Marketing certificate course, you can also learn desirable analytical skills, mobile marketing and Content Marketing.

These invaluable skills will increase flexibility and marketability as an employee or business owner.

How Are The Best Digital Marketing Certifications Programs?

The Free Digital Marketing certifications programs are usually flexible since they are started and completed according to the student’s time availability.

The price of these programs is usually inexpensive compared to the price of most majors.

You can get specialized work in digital marketing with a certificate in the field.

Of these positions, social media marketing continues to be the newest and most in-demand.

For those with in-demand digital marketing abilities, the top positions worldwide include client advisor, web designer, search engine optimizer, web analyst, and digital strategist.

In this industry, it is common to need overlapping consistency, and obtaining a certificate can help you become familiar with all of Digital Marketing’s components.

A certificate in digital marketing can benefit you if you are interested in developing your digital profession or improving the online visibility of your business.

List Of Best Free Digital Marketing Certifications

HubSpot Certifications

Inbound Marketing Certification

This is a general Inbound Marketing course.

It focuses on all the key elements of this entry methodology.

The program proposed by HubSpot for you, in regards to certification in Inbound Marketing, consists of 12 lessons.

It also includes 13 free tools for you to practice the knowledge you have acquired.

The course content revolves around the four main phases of the Inbound process (Attract, Convert, Conclude, Delight).

Email Marketing Certification

The course will teach you how to implement an effective email marketing strategy based on key elements: lifecycle marketing, segmentation, email design, analytics, and optimization.

There are more than 20 videos that make up the course’s ten lessons.

Learn an inbound email marketing plan to advance your professional and business career.

Inbound Sales Certification

The course consists of five lessons introducing you to the Inbound Sales Methodology.

You will learn to identify potential buyers, make personalized presentations, and develop appropriate strategies:

By obtaining this certification, you will demonstrate that you are an expert in Inbound sales.

All Hubspot Digital Marketing Certifications are free and open to everyone, even if you are not a HubSpot customer.

Content Marketing Certification Course

This HubSpot Academy course features nine instructors from well-known HubSpot employees like Lindsay Thibeault and Justin.

Champion to popular marketing influencers like Sujan Patel.

The certification consists of 11 video classes just under 4.5 hours long and one quiz per lesson (11 total).

By completing it, you will have a solid foundation in Content Marketing.

More specifically, you will learn: how to tell stories, and create, promote and reuse content.

In addition, you will learn how to create and promote content to increase conversions and attract new customers.

You will also have access to workbooks to help you complete the exercises as you progress through the course.

Free Google Digital Marketing Certifications

They work like all online courses.

Choose one based on your interests or job needs, study from anywhere with internet access, take the test, and if you pass, you will get a free certificate from Google that can significantly improve your CV.

The platform to study web marketing is Digital Garage, and here you can learn how to make your online presence as effective as possible.

This platform has SEO, Advertising, Social Networks, Electronic Commerce and Analysis courses.

Google Analytics

The other skill you can develop during your vacation, essential for all marketers, is the knowledge of Google Analytics.

You can find a beginner course, an advanced course, and even courses to study Google 360 ​​and Google Tag Manager on the Google Analytics Academy site.

Introduction To Digital Marketing With The Google Digital Garage Certificate.

This is the foundational course in digital marketing that all beginners should take to comprehend the ecosystem’s fundamentals before diving into each topic.

The course is divided into small modules, and the student must unlock 23 badges to obtain the certificate.

Each credential covers one topic (among SEO, SEM, display, search, email, etc.) and the full gamut of online marketing.

Mobile Analytics with Google Analytics Academy Web / eCommerce

Working on a ton of content but not sure if you are reaching your intended audience?

Do you have an e-commerce website or mobile app and want to optimize your operations for a higher return on investment?

This Google certification will give you that Eureka moment!

This video course is structured into four modules: Digital Analytics.

Fundamentals, Google Analytics Platform Principles, Ecommerce Analytics and Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals.

The only suggestion: practice as you learn.

Google Adwords Certification

Free Google Digital Marketing Certifications is a professional recognition offered by Google to users who demonstrate experience designing and developing mobile device websites using AdWords and Analytics.

Documenting your skills with a certificate issued by the top company on the web will add considerably to the weight of your resume.

You can use Google’s digital training tool to gain the knowledge needed to achieve certifications.

The portal contains specific information and training paths you must follow before taking the various tests.

Facebook Certification

This course, offered in 86 modules, covers the best campaign planning and optimization practices using the Facebook family of apps and services, including Instagram.

While all courses are free to access, you must pay and schedule an exam if you wish to earn an officially recognized certificate from Facebook.

Video Marketing With YouTube Certification

Video is becoming a preferred content medium, so having a well-defined video content strategy is important.

This YouTube certification, through 29 modules, incorporates channel growth best practices, platform strategies, and channel development techniques to help find success on YouTube and beyond.

Free Digital Marketing Certifications From SEMrush

SEMrush is a platform that offers a Marketing Toolkit with which you can do, among other things, SEO audit, backlink audit and analysis, monitor keywords, analyze the competition…

And not only that, but it also offers you the opportunity to train through a series of courses and exams that certify your knowledge about SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, etc.

SEO Fundamentals Course With Greg Gifford.

In this course, you will learn SEO basics, how search engines work, on and off-page optimization, link building, mobile SEO and international optimization.

The course consists of 31 lessons, with a total duration of 4 hours.

Each lesson is structured in 3 parts: a video, the Read More section for more information, and a short quiz to test what you have learned.

After the course, you can take the final test and get a free certificate confirming your SEO skills.

SEO Training Course By Moz

In this course, you will learn how to optimize a website by improving the internal and external aspects to increase the site’s traffic from search engines.

Companies that practice SEO do it differently; some have a highly specialized focus, while others take a broader, more general approach.

Making a website search-engine-friendly might include considering so many distinctive components that many SEOs classify as being under the wide category of website optimization (since so many of those elements are intertwined).

The 3.5-hour video course offers a certificate upon completion.

According to reviews, the course is more theoretical than practical.


In addition to these Free Digital Marketing Certifications on the internet, many courses and training are free.

The wide catalogue includes websites like TedEd, Khan Academy, Skillshare, Udemy and more.


Free Digital Marketing Certifications are becoming a real alternative to college as companies realize they need people who understand the industry.

They go beyond general marketing courses and can bring real benefits to organizations in various industries.

For example, Google’s digital marketing courses help digital marketers learn everything they need completely and practically.

In addition, the trainers who lead the program are certified by Google and will help you understand the practical aspects of the digital marketing certification course taught on the Google platform.

Google digital marketing courses will also help you pass certification exams.

But before you dive into this, you should also have a clear vision of what digital marketing content you need to know about.

You must choose the top digital marketing training courses and certification programs to advance your career and help you build your brand or your clients’ brands.

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